Can Anxiety Cause Hand Pain-Chronic Pain And Anxiety

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Chronic Pain & Anxiety


Many people with anxiety disorders often have low pain tolerances, also these people often are extra sensitive to prescription drugs. Chronic pain most often is more severe for people who have anxiety disorders, anxiety can increase your pain in any part of your body and especially when you also experience chronic pain. Autoimmune diseases increases people’s anxiety levels as well as their chronic pain, do you know what are the most common health problems which increases both anxiety and chronic pain for the majority of people?





Back Pain


Relationship Anxiety


Did you know relationship anxiety is the major trigger for many people’s anxiety disorders, when a relationship is strong and happy our anxiety levels are much lower in severity. When you and your partner are working together to solve your problems, your stress is much less severe which reduces your anxiety, the two major relationship problems are financial stress and emotional stress, emotional stress is the most damaging stress which increases our anxiety and in turn increases our chronic pain.



Anxiety & Your Hands


When you are having problems with your hands and fingers this is something which often scares many people, the fear of the unknown is the scariest fear people ever experience. The fear of something affecting your hands and fingers without knowing the reason scares the majority of people, anxiety can cause many symptoms giving you much difficulty doing everyday tasks. people with anxiety has the tendency to worry more than people with lower anxiety levels, often their worries are not realistic  and many times are blown out of proportion.










Temporary Relief Tips


Most people experience temporary relief by taking frequent breaks from their activities which bothers their hands, stretching your hands and fingers often helps many of the symptoms people experience. Most bothersome activities most people experience are typing and writing for long periods, using deep breathing and other breathing exercises reduces your anxiety and improves the blood flow to your extremities. Your best strategy is to focus on ways to reduce your anxiety levels, are you wondering what other ways you can reduce your anxiety?



How To Reduce Your Anxiety?


Most people find relaxation techniques to help them the most to reduce their anxiety, breathing exercises are easy to learn and you can do them any time or anywhere. Improving your sleep is another important method to reducing your anxiety, many people experience less anxiety at night with white noise sound machines and natural sound machines. Burning your anxiety away with exercise or activity is another easy method to use, yoga has been the answer for many people with chronic pain issues. If these are not something which sounds right for you, there are other ways to reduce your anxiety which one might be right for you?


Guided Meditation

Guided Visualization


Music Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

Sleep Therapy




It is no wonder some people become depressed when experiencing anxiety and chronic pain at the same time, plus often comes the fear and worry, will I be able to take care of myself? Depression does not cause your chronic pain, but depression can increase your chronic pain. When depressed your anxiety increases tensing your body even more, tense muscles and worrying together will increase your chronic pain. Again learning and using relaxation techniques are very important, if anxiety and chronic pain is not enough now you have to deal with depression as well.



Relaxation Techniques Benefits


Relaxation techniques are a great way to deal with your stress and reduce your anxiety, these are the best natural coping skills you can use to improve your emotional health. Relaxation Techniques slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and reduces the stress hormones causing your increased anxiety. These techniques reduces your muscle tension as well, when your muscles are more relaxed you will experience less chronic pain.


Improves Your Concentration

Improves Your Mood

Improves Your Energy Levels

Less Chronic Pain

Less Anxiety

Less Depressed


Types Of Relaxation Techniques


There are many of these techniques to choose from, you should be able to find at least a few to get you started which are right for you. Yoga and guided meditation are two of the most popular techniques used today, these techniques are easy on the body and not complicated to learn. Another good one for people with severe pain is tai chi, there are others you can try as well if these are not your cup of tea.


Autogenic Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Guided Visualization

Deep Breathing








What Is On My Mind Today?


Anxiety is really our worse enemy when it comes to causing us health problems, the majority of people’s health problems severity is caused by our anxiety levels. Anxiety can cause you pain and problems in almost any part of your body, another common problem anxiety is causing more now than in the past is stomach and digestive problems. Your best strategy is to reduce your anxiety to the best of your ability before taking any prescription drugs, many of these drugs can cause organ damage over time using them regularly.


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