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Breast Cancer Symptoms For Women-Are You A High Risk For Breast Cancer

breast cancer symptoms and risks

Breast Cancer


The most important factor in recovery with any type of cancer is detecting and treating your cancer early, most women’s first recognized symptom is a lump in their breast tissue. Depending on the type of cancer determines the symptoms, lets look at some of the breast cancer symptoms most women experience.

  • Skin Changes
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Increase In Size
  • Change In Shape
  • Nipple Appearance
  • Nibble Discharge Other Than Breast Milk
  • Pain Of Any Part Of The Breasts
  • Lump On The Breasts
  • Lump Inside Of The Breasts



breast cancer symptoms for women


Invasive Breast Cancer Symptoms

  • Irritated Breasts
  • Itchy Breasts
  • Increase In Breast Size
  • Change In Breast Shape
  • Hard Breasts
  • Tender Breasts
  • Warm Breasts
  • Peeling Nipple Skin
  • Flaking Nipple Skin
  • Breast Lump
  • Thickening Of Breasts
  • Breast Skin Redness
  • Pitting Of Breast Skin


breast cancer symptoms for women


Breast Cancer Types

  • Invasive Breast Cancer
  • Ductal Carcinsoma
  • Lobular Carcinoma
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  • Papillary Carcinoma
  • Triple-Negative Breast Cancer


Are You High Risk For Breast Cancer

Woman are higher risk for breast cancer than men, being a woman is the highest risk factor for developing breast cancer. There are about 190,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer per year, there also are 60,000 cases on non-invasive breast cancer per year for American women.


Your age is another high risk factor for developing any type of cancer, about two out of every three invasive breast cancer cases are found in women older than fifty-five years old. Family history increases your risk of developing this type of cancer, so when there is a history of cancer in your family a women’s cancer risks double.


Does genetics really mean anything when it comes to your risk of developing cancer, and recent studies has found that five to ten percent of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary. The reason for this is the passing of abnormal genes from parent to child, so if this type of cancer is common in your family you should be more observant for possible symptoms?


Women who have been diagnosed with certain benign breast condition other than breast cancer may be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer in the future, when you are a white woman you are at a higher risk than other races.


Being overweight and obese may increase your risk for breast cancer, this risk increases for women overweight after menopause. The medical professionals give being overweight a high risk for many of our diseases today, American’s are the most overweight country and the country with the poorest health.


breast cancer symptoms for women

Medical professionals believe breastfeeding can lower your risk of developing breast cancer, this is thought to be especially true for women who breastfeed for longer than one year. Could the fact the majority of American women today don’t breast feed really be a factor for women to develop breast cancer, what could breast feeding have to do with women developing cancer?


Studies show women who started having their menstrual cycle younger than the age of twelve years old have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, these studies also show women who go through menopause older than fifty-five years old are also at a higher risk?


Are you a regular user of alcoholic beverages, the medical profession now are saying women who drink alcoholic beverages regularly are at a higher risk especially women who drink beer, wine, and hard liquors? Of course smoking increases your risks as well, so could you be wondering if these studies are right or just excuses for the outbreak in cancer?


Research shows their is a link between regular exercise and cancer, these studies show women who participate in moderate to intense exercise four to seven hours per week are a lower risk for cancer? Even second-hand cigarette smoke exposure puts you at a higher risk, how does one today avoid many of these risk factors?


Do you experience low vitamin D levels if this is the case the majority of American’s men and women are at high risk for developing cancer? I do believe our diets is a strong contributor for us to develop cancer, and when you consume a healthy diet with the majority of your diet being plant-based foods, I do believe your immune system is stronger for you to fight off cancer. Diet alone will not prevent anyone from developing cancer, and even our plant-based foods contain chemicals such as pesticides which I feel can cause cancer.


breast cancer symptoms for women



The Breast Cancer Site

Every purchase assists the breast cancer site to contribute funds to research and treatment for women with breast cancer, maybe you could take some time and shop on the breast cancer site store for some of your Christmas gifts this holiday season?

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Shopping at the breast cancer site shop can provide your loved ones with very special gifts for Christmas, you will also at the same time be helping many women who are experiencing breast cancer.


What Is On My Mind Today?


What about the mercury in our fish and seafood, I do believe fish and seafood is not as healthy as we are led to believe? I also believe the preservatives in our processed foods is a big contributor to our diseases and disorders today, what about our lawn and garden products and I am especially concerned about the sunscreen and cosmetic products we use today? Do you use air fresheners and scented candles, how do we know these products are not another contributor for us developing cancer? What gets me the most is men and women both use most of these products regularly, even people who are stick thin and exercise regularly are developing cancer?


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8 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Symptoms For Women-Are You A High Risk For Breast Cancer

  1. I can’t say ..a nice post. I hate cancer. Thou was very informative and well-written I hate cancer:(. This illness took so many people from us, young people, it gave so much pain…
    Thanks for the details and I have to say that I have learnt many things from your article. You know, when we are young and healthy we don’t think too much to go for check-ups, we fell we are immortal but we are nothing like this:(. So, I think we have to pay more attention to our bodies, the signs they send us and to us and to care more about our health:)
    Thanks again.I hope a lot of women will learn thing from your post:)

    1. Thank You

      I hate cancer and our autoimmune diseases with a passion, that is the reason I am trying to give as much information to people to fight cancer. I never went to a physician until I become ill with autoimmune health problems, I think your are correct most of us avoid check-ups until we are older with health problems.


  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your post on this. Although I’m a guy, it’s great to understand the symptoms to look out for when discussing this topic with my wife. It’s also great to understand some more of the risk factors that you mentioned in your post. Keep up the great awareness work!


    1. Thank You James

      You do know it is possible for even you to get breast cancer, even though it is rare men can develop this type of cancer as well?


  3. Thanks for so informative article about breast cancer. It is a must read for any woman. We all should know what to notice about our breasts and to know that it is important to touch and massage your breast regularly.

    But what about the link between some type of foods and breast cancer? I have read about that consumption of dairy increases the risk of getting breast cancer. And also same about meat. But I don’t have any exact studies to show for proof right now but maybe you have read about the links between nutrition and breast cancer?

    Melissa 🙂

    1. Thank You

      I thank you for visiting my website and leaving your comment, in my opinion the  chemicals in our processed foods is contributing to many of our diseases today. I have not read any medical articles which will say for sure what is causing cancer and other diseases. I feel the food is something we have in common, so there is a good chance our food is the link to many of our problems


      I recommend people eat processed foods in moderation just in  case the chemicals in our food is a part of cancer and disease today.

  4. Your post was really educational and informative! I would like to add that one factor of breast cancer is breast tissue density. You should add that. The links that you have will be a tremendous asset to those who are interested in breast cancer prevention. The graphics in the article are very nicely thought out and add a nice boost of educational discussion. Another factor that should be added to the discussion is the fact that while true men don’t really get the disease, it can happen to men and I hope there will be a link somewhere about it in the future.

    1. Thank You

      I am always happy to hear from my readers, I will take all you have shared with me and my other readers very serious for future articles


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