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Brain Inflammation Facts- You Need To Know

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Inflammation Of Your Brain

Most of you are aware of inflammation which effects your physical body functions, well your reason for any brain malfunction your experiencing is also a victim of inflammation in your brain. This is a protective response from your brain and body to what your immune system feels is an enemy or threat to your health, there are two types you experience. You will experience either acute or chronic depending on the threat which is invading your immune system,  acute is a short-term and chronic is a long-term threat. Acute is usually experienced as what physicians refer to as allergies. Chronic usually is referred as chronic illness or disease. As for me, I am unfortunate enough to have experienced both of these more than twenty years. In my opinion, the brain type is much more difficult to cope with than the physical symptoms. I learned to cope with my physical symptoms in a much shorter time span, the triggers seemed much more obvious and easier to avoid. When your experiencing the mental symptoms, your not mentally healthy enough to think clearly to overcome your symptoms. Also for me, the mental symptoms were so much more scary, which gave me high anxiety and panic attacks.






Main Causes Of Our Mental Symptoms

The main causes of our mental symptoms are sadly all around us and pretty much impossible to totally avoid, the processed foods we consume are one of our main triggers. Processed foods are mainly nothing but, chemicals (preservatives) with a mixture of sugar and sodium plus some fat. Other triggers are the chemical toxins in the products we use everyday, cosmetic and hygiene products are also high in chemicals, which add to trigger our   mental malfunctioning. To make things even worse for ourselves, we become addicted to bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs. All of these add up as time goes by, eventually causing us the mental symptoms we are experiencing today. I do not believe for one minute age has anything to do with these symptoms, I truly believe the reason is because it just takes that amount of time exposing ourselves to all these triggers before our symptoms become severe. If it was just a part of aging, why would some folks be experiencing these mental symptoms while others are not at the same age?






Diseases Caused By Our Lifestyle Today

Since we are exposed to all these unhealthy chemicals and toxins most of our lives, these in my  opinion are the causes for the mental diseases we are experiencing big time today. Just some of these diseases are Alzheimers, Dementia, Brain Tumors, Memory Problems and even Depression now is believed to be possibly caused by the inflammation in the brain. Besides these diseases which are becoming wide spread today, I believe we should be focusing on limiting the chemicals and toxins we are exposing ourselves too rather than searching for a cure. The cause is the cure for this problem we are facing, why the medical, food and drug organizations are not facing this fact and addressing the problem is beyond me.


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At this time the only treatment available is to live as healthy as we possibly can, limit our exposure to the chemicals and toxins as much as we can. Supplements has been found to help many people improve their brain power and functioning, of course this is not the cure. If you live a unhealthy lifestyle, all the supplements in the world is not going to change your mental functioning. You do not have to experience these symptoms as a part of getting older, that is just the authorities way of escaping the true reason people are suffering today. Even children are now experiencing more and more mental problems and diseases, behavioral problems and just plain poor health. I truly believe the chemicals and toxins are just man’s way of slowly poisoning us, sadly they are not only poisoning us but also poisoning our future generations.


Final Thoughts

I do believe supplementing is something we must do today to maintain our health, everyone you know is lacking the vitamins and minerals their  bodies require to function properly. I suggest limiting the consumption of processed foods, consume more produce and grass-fed meats is a good idea as well. Possibly its not gluten which is the problem as we are lead to believe, possibly it is just that the gluten foods are higher in chemicals than the gluten-free foods. This is just a thought I have been considering the past few years since I have had to go gluten-free myself, actually today I am not consuming very many processed foods. The reason is not really by choice, but the gluten-free processed foods are much higher in price than the gluten processed foods. Since I am on  fixed income, the only way I can afford enough food each month is to limit my purchases of gluten-free processed foods. Maybe this is a blessing for my health, since now I am healthier than I have probably been my entire life. As always I encourage you to leave your comments, as well if you have any questions for me I welcome them and will answer them to my best ability.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    First thing I thought was ewww, and then I saw the picture. Very graphic, but it does get the point across and what a very scary thing I am sure! We don’t really eat processed foods in our home. Because of my son’s athletics, we have really ate pretty healthy for quite some time and it has just become a habit, the way we eat everyday. I think processed foods cause a lot of problems. And eating healthy helps your body in so many ways. Great and informative post!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom,
      I appreciate you sharing with me and my readers today. I choose that photo for people to see how the brain
      appears from the inflammation damage from the chemicals and toxins over the years, I am happy to hear your
      family does not eat much if any processed foods you are a fine example for others to follow.

      Thank You Again

  • Misty Marchione says:

    Wow! Your article was very eye opening. I had no idea that allergies would cause brain inflammation. This sounds more serious than just having the “sniffles”. I could not agree with you more though that there so are so many chemicals and processed food in our diet that is negatively affecting our health. This is a great reminder that we need to be eating foods that provide us with energy and good nutrition!

    • Jeff says:

      I am sorry maybe I did not make it clear in my article, inflammation causes
      allergies not allergies causing inflammation. Thank you for your comment,
      I hope I have cleared this up for you.

      Thank You

    • Jeff says:

      thank you for your comment, maybe i did not make it so clear in my article. inflammation causes allergies,
      not the other way around. Inflammation is the root cause of any health problems which effects our immune systems,
      which are most of the health issues today.

  • ilona says:

    Thanks for the info! My husband had a TIA (mini stroke) a few years back and we started really watching what goes into our bodies and the effect chemicals can have on our organs – especially the brain. Found your site really interesting, thanks and hope to read some more reviews soon!

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for sharing with me about your husband, I truly am sorry to hear what your family is going through. Hopefully it was a wake up call to improve your quality of your meals and snacks, I have experienced similar myself with organ damage due to the food in the past.

      Keep Faith

  • Jeremy says:

    Being a health and fitness enthusiast myself, I have heard of this before. The inflammation is a protective response, though over excessive courses in time it can be damaging. I noticed that you talked about preservatives and processed foods being associated with chronic inflammation. Do you know if NaCl (salt) has an effect on enzymatic activity? Being that enzymes are proteins that lower activation energy required for processes such as digestion, and salt is in very high concentrations of processed foods.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeremy

      I appreciate your comment very much, I am not familiar with sodium has a effect on enzymatic activity or not. I do know processed foods are extremely high in sodium, if you find out the answer please let me know I will try to check into this now you have me curious as well.

      Sounds like you taking very good care of yourself,

      Way To Go


    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Jeremy
      Have you found your answer yet on sodium, I have not researched this yet.
      I think this will make a great topic for a future post thanks to you,
      one thing I do notice when I eat any high sodium product, it does give me
      fatigue symptoms and a sluggish digestive system.


  • Travis Smithers says:

    Enjoyed the post with reading about the facts of what is happening around us with our lifestyles and food we eat.

    What you say is so true about how our food no longer has the proper quality any longer, and people are using supplements to put back what has been extracted.

    The healthier choices we can all make for ourselves will make a difference in our lives.

    The problem is, there are so many things out of our control these days that it just keeps getting harder to stay healthy.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Smithers,

      I appreciate you reading my post and comment very much, you are absolutely correct many things are out of our control to remain healthy today. That is why we must go out of our way to do the things which are in our power to control, it is not a easy task for sure but well worth the benefits without a doubt.


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