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Brain Nutrition Facts- Nutrition Deficiency

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Brain Nutrition Deficiency

For years my vitamin and mineral levels were very low, my medical physicians were baffled. I was taking high doses of prescription vitamins plus mineral products over the counter without any success, when your brain is not receiving enough nutrition your cognitive functioning is all out of whack. My brain functions were never stable, I had severe headaches almost everyday. My memory was terrible, I had to write down every little thing I wanted to remember.  I  was a nervous wreck without a doubt, my anxiety levels were so high my entire body would just shake most of the time. My hands shook so bad I could barely drink from a regular glass, my legs shook and walking very far in distance was a struggle for me. This was on one of my better days, on my bad days my fatigue was so terrible I could only get out of bed long enough to go to the bathroom. My being under nourished was effecting me physically and emotionally, how in the world I survived for 20 years living like this I have no idea. Even my sleep was effected by my nutrition levels being so low, most of the time on my bad days I just laid in my bed with my mind racing. I am sure by now your getting a very good idea of what I might have looked like, even though I was eating a very healthy diet my body was not absorbing the nutrients from my food or the supplements my doctors had me on.


How To Improve Your Brain Health

How did I ever improve my brain health you might be wondering right now, well I started researching on my good days online about nutrition. I was only able to research about an hour at one time, then I would be so mentally and physically fatigued I had to go back to bed for a while. Once I changed my lifestyle to the gluten-free diet, I did start to notice a difference in about one month. Now I am still having to take supplements, but my body is absorbing them much better than in the past. My brain functions and my physical condition are both much improved, My anxiety is almost completely absent, the shakiness has decreased, my memory is much better. I have just seen a complete turn around in my entire health status, my doctors are amazed but really do not believe just changing my diet and lifestyle was the reason for my improvement. Today with all the chemicals our bodies are exposed too, plus our food does not provide the nutrients they once use too. Supplements are very important for our  health, there are many people who do not even realize they are not receiving enough nutrients because right now there symptoms are not severe enough to effect their daily lives. Preventive health care is very important while you are healthy, once you become unhealthy it takes so long to recover and become healthy again.



How To Maintain Your Brain Health

You must make it a point to provide your body with enough nutrients to function well, that is the secret to maintaining your health. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to remain healthy, in the future I am planning on sharing posts on how many of the unhealthy habits we have are really  effecting our lives. Today we are all in a big hurry to get things done, we do not receive enough rest or sleep, our brains require seven or eight hours to recharge. Even though our brains never sleep, while we are sleeping our brain is recharging and preparing for the next day. Exercise is another important maintenance requirement our brains need, exercise does more than just effects our bodies. It also benefits our brain power, never hurts to add some brain games in your life from time to time to keep your thinking sharp. Take your health serious now while your healthy, do not wait as I did until your health status is completely burned out.


Final Thoughts

Nourishment provides us with more than many people realize, it does not just supply us our energy to do the things we enjoy and need to do each day. Proper nourishment supplies us to be in a good positive mood, able to handle the stress in our lives. Did you know it also effects our emotions, we would be very anxious, depressed or even giggly depending on how healthy we are. Our attention spans are much longer, we can concentrate and be more productive. These are just a few of the things we take for granted everyday, but if we do not take preventive care of ourselves one day we will lose these precious things in our lives.

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  • Kunmi says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful information. I did not know about brain supplements before, now I do. A well functioning brain is needed to be a happy person.

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