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Brain Fog Facts, Clear The Fog

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Brain Fog Facts

Brain fog without a doubt is the most frustrating and the most terrifying health issue I have ever had to overcome, brain fog does not describe anywhere near what you are experiencing with this terrible brain health issue. Actually brain fog is cognitive dysfunction, which is your brain malfunctioning to process information correctly. In my personal opinion, cognitive dysfunction is caused by inflammation of your brain which restricts blow flow to your brain and this causes your brain to malfunction.

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Seven Causes Of Brain Fog

The seven most common causes of brain fog are:

  • Gluten Diets
  • Sleep Problems
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Pain
  • Depression


Brain Fog And Nutrition

I have experienced nutrition has been one of the biggest factors in clearing the fog, a brain health diet is a must. I wish to share with you the diet I started with to clear the fog, with this diet I noticed a difference in about one month.

  • Gluten Free Grains
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Canola Oil
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds


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Brain Fog And Gluten

Honestly going gluten free was the best decision I ever made in my entire life, within one month I noticed a remarkable difference in my bran health. My symptoms began to become less severe the longer I remained gluten free, even today if I get any gluten in my system through contamination I feel my symptoms increasing. I will admit this was one the hardest adjustments in my life, gluten free is like a whole different world. Is it worth all the extra effort to remain gluten free, for me the answer is “YES”. I highly suggest you give this your best effort , I have confidence you also will benefit from a gluten free diet and will experience your fog to start to clear.


Supplements For Brain Fog


B Vitamins



Omega 3 Fish Oil


St John Wort




Final Thoughts

I have the highest confidence what I have shared with you today will clear the fog from your life, I suggest your first step be to improve your diet and go gluten free. Once you experience less severe symptoms, you will feel like a brand new person. As for the supplements, I have shared with you the supplements which has been the most helpful for other people. All supplements does not work the same for everyone, if you choose to add supplements in your diet experiment with one supplement at a time. I hope my sharing my own experience will also help you, start your own recovery plan and clear the fog from your life forever. Feel free to leave comments, I am always interesting in knowing how my readers feel about what I have shared in my posts.


  • Matt McCullar says:


    My name is Matt and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate this article and the fact that you are bringing some awareness to an issue that MANY people suffer from, but is still not talked about very much within the medical world.

    About a year ago I started experiencing what could only be described by myself as brain fog, everyday I would wake up feeling as if I was in some sort of trance or haze, almost as if I was still sleeping.

    This haziness would linger throughout the day and pretty much affect everything in my life, from my work, to my relationships, to my moods, you name it!

    I lost all motivation to do the things that I used to enjoy so much, and it began zapping a lot of my passion for life away.

    As a relatively healthy 26 year old guy that should be in the prime of his life, this was quite frightening, and I started to get depressed wondering if I was going to live everyday like this for the rest of my life.

    Nobody I explained it to ever seemed to understand what I was talking about, and I even visited several doctors, ran some tests, and even they had ZERO answers for me when everything came back normal.

    Even so, I was absolutely determined to get to the bottom of it and get my old life back again.

    So I continued to research and eventually found that while Gluten Sensitivity is usually associated with bowel problems and celiac disease, it can also cause severe brain fog symptoms in certain individuals.

    I was absolutely floored at this glimmer of hope, so I bought a few books such as The Gluten Connection, Grain Brain, and Wheat Belly, and fully educated myself on everything related to Gluten.

    I went through my entire kitchen and got rid of anything and everything that might be the culprit, and virtually changed my entire dieting lifestyle overnight.

    Within a week of going Gluten Free I was feeling considerably better, within two weeks my brain fog symptoms had almost vanished entirely, and now after several months I feel like a completely new person!

    The craziest thing is is that the latest research indicated that as many as 1 in 3 people might be sensitive to Gluten and not even know it, and negative symptoms can manifest themselves in all kinds of ways!

    Living a gluten free lifestyle is certainly not the easiest thing in the world, especially when we are out on vacations where we have to eat out a lot. Sometimes I kind of have no other choice then to indulge, but this is a very rare occurrence and I can 100% tell a difference in how I feel when this happens.

    For a person that was experiencing symptoms like the ones I felt, going Gluten Free has been an absolutely life changing experience, I feel like a new person.

    I am grateful for people such as yourself and articles like this one because they are truly what pointed me in the right direction and helped me get my life back!

    So again thank you very much, and I will definitely be checking back to this website for information in the future.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt McCullar,

      I appreciate your comment on my recent post on brain fog and gluten, everything you shared is exactly how my experience was as well. I suffered over 20 years with this, became disabled and lost everything pretty much in my life.My wife, my home and property, my career and worse of all my mind.

      Awesome Comment
      I thank you

  • Ian says:

    It’s absolutely stunning how much damage gluten can do, especially in someone who is sensitive or has Celiac. I have Celiac myself so I definitely know what you mean by ‘brain fog’. I suffered for many years before being diagnosed but once I removed gluten from my diet completely, my symptoms including brain fog improved dramatically in a couple of weeks.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment, I am happy you have went gluten free and your fog has cleared. Hopefully others will follow us on the gluten free diet, I appreciate you visiting my website.

  • Katie says:

    Nice article and we know that maintaining our health is very important we really have a unhealthy type of diet these days, with gm modified foods, fast food and so forth, we have too much salt and sugar in our diets all these things add up.

  • Roger says:

    Wow! I really hadn’t ever really heard of “brain fog” before, but I can certainly recognize the symptoms!

    I love how you easily explain what it is, what’s the cause(s), and how to counteract it.

    Going gluten free will certainly be a challenge, but I have a friend who’s gluten free, and we find that there are more and more restaurants and markets offering gluten free alternatives, so hopefully thins will get better as time goes on.

    AND, my brain will be clearer!

    Thanks for the research and sharing your wisdom.

  • Matt's Mom says:

    Great article! I know I get brain fog and I really didn’t think it had anything to do with nutrition. Very informative!

  • Rebekah says:

    This is a great article. I’ve been a health nut for a while, and I love articles like this that link food to significant health issues. Brain fog is definitely something I experience, too. Going gluten free would be a stretch for me, but this is not the first thing I have read about it. I’m still considering it. If the benefits are really worth it, I might start to think more seriously about giving up my sourdough bread. Looking forward to more posts!

  • Alyssa says:

    Hi Jeff,
    A close friend of mine went through Chemo…this too causes brain fog. She felt slow, like she couldn’t process things quickly. We have a household diet that includes gluten. I envy one of your commenters who was able to go through the refrigerator and pantry and throw away anything with gluten. Sadly not an option in this house. Going gluten free will be a matter of sheer willpower since it seems my husband can eat anything without repercussions! I will strive, though, to reduce the gluten in my life – I’m on weight watchers and most things with gluten have points values that are too “expensive” for me to bother wasting my precious points on! Thanks for the article. I knew gluten made me tired, but I hadn’t equated that to brain fog.

    • admin says:


      I understand living with others its not possible to rid your home of gluten products if the others will not go gluten free as well, add more fruits and vegetables and rice and corn based snacks to your diet . These are not high priced as the processed gluten-free products, weight watchers I am sure is a good program but most programs charge such high prices for their gluten free meals.

      Follow the brain diet and you will have the willpower, you will not have those cravings if you can last about one month.

  • Branka says:

    Hi! 😀 I found this article very interesting. I don’t know if I have this kind of issue and I would like to check it. Is there some way, like test or something, to do this?

    If you have some supplements that you recommend, please share 😀 I would really appreciate if they were organic.

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Branka

      Brain fog has no tests to prove you have or do not have this condition, if you have many of the symptoms you should give my brain health diet a try for one month and see if it improves your symptoms.

      Check my most recent post , I just did a review on a brain food supplement which might interest you.

      Let Me Know How Your Coping

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