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Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas-Think Big Boy Toys


All Girlfriends


This is a message to all you girlfriends who wants to put a smile on your boyfriends face this Christmas, this does not involve sex. You are starting early on a mission to find a Christmas gift for your boyfriend which will make his Christmas his best ever if he has a girlfriend like you I am sure his Christmas will be very merry this year. Consider big boy toy gifts for your boyfriend this year, nothing other than sex puts a smile on a boyfriend’s face more than a cool big boy toy for Christmas. Ladies you are in luck there are many big boy toys to choose from, probably first you should consider how much you wish to spend on this guy for Christmas to narrow down your gift choices.


 Christmas Shopping Stress


Everyone has hard to buy for people on their Christmas list, some people it is the seniors to shop for which drives them crazy. For others it might be their grandparents who seem to have just about everything and needs nothing, the one person who gives the majority of people the most stress shopping for is their girlfriends and boyfriends.  Shopping for your boyfriend or girlfriend is very stressful for many people that is unless they have been giving hints. Hopefully,  this article will ease you girlfriends anxiety with enough good ideas to help you choose the best gift for your boyfriend.


Electronic & Digital Gifts


Every boyfriend is a little different to shop for, electronic and digital gifts are very popular among the majority of guys for Christmas gifts. This would be the first type of gift I would consider if you are wishing to give your boyfriend a big boy toy for Christmas. There is something for everyone in these two gift types, depending on your budget these gifts might be the best ones for you check out first.


Smart Watches

Digital Cameras

Home Theater Sound System

Playstation 4

Xbox One



Bose Wireless Headphones

Smart Television

Fitness Trackers

3D Printer


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Beer Making Kit


Many guys who are regular beer drinkers often get a kick out of making their own beer if this sounds like your boyfriend this might make his Christmas very cool with his own beer making kit. For the wine drinker you can consider a wine-making kit or wine gifts, you can even consider beer and wine glasses personalized with his name on them or even a flask personalized might be another option to consider for the boyfriend who is a regular drinker.


 Favorite Sports Teams


Do you know your boyfriends favorite sports teams, if so this could be your answer for a gift he will always remember. Guys love collectibles with their favorite sports teams logos on them, you can go for clothing with his teams logo which he will wear in pride everywhere he goes. I have even seen PJ’s for men and ladies with sports team logo’s on recently, if your boyfriend worships any sports teams this type of gift will not disappoint him.






Duffel Bags


Sports Watches


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Other Gift Options


Of course there are many other gift options for you to consider, you can go with a personalized gift and even a matching gift for the two of you. Guys are into pendants, if you are thinking jewelry maybe a pendant would be a good choice, does he have a favorite hobby? Shaving kits are nice if you are into practical gifts for your guy, check out my banner at the end of this article if you are interested in a personal gift for your guy.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Any gift you give to your guy will give him a reason to smile this Christmas, it is not the gift which makes Christmas special but the people or person you spend Christmas with which makes this Christmas the best Christmas ever.


Personalized Gifts For Boyfriends

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