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Better Life-Most People Have It All Wrong

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Better Life


Everyone is always looking for secrets to improving their lives, studies have shown the majority of the people have the wrong idea what would make their lives better.  In my opinion, society has us brain washed, our society has the majority of people believing it is what we own which will make our lives better. People were happier in the past with much less than most of us has today,  instead of being thankful for what we have we dwell on the things we do not have. Talk about negative thinking, we as a society generally think more negative than positive most of the time. It is a shame such things as not being able to afford that new fancy sports car or going on our dream vacation makes us miserable and unhappy. We should be grateful for having enough food and clothing, most of all a place we can call our home. There are many very poor people in the world today, yet many of these poor people enjoy their lives better than the people who has much more.

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What Would Make Your Life Better


It is interesting the majority of people in our society today does not really understand themselves all that well, very hard to believe people do not really know what  would make their lives better. The number one response to what would make your life better to a survey of people off the street was money, I was one of these people in the past. I truly did believe my life would just keep getting better if I kept earning more money, it took me losing everything due to health problems to realize how wrong I had been. It did not take just overnight either, I spent years before my life did improve despite losing everything I had. Today I have much less money than in the past, yet  I am happier and truly feel my life is better now.  My purpose in my life pays in money much less than when I was working, but what I am doing with my life now gives me much more happiness. I have learned what is most important to a better life is what you give to others, rather than what your receive.


The Truth Of A Better Life


The true secret to a better life is about caring and giving to others when we give to others it improves us where it counts the most inside. Studies have proven people who volunteer are happier people, how often do you see a volunteer who is negative and grumpy? They are there because they want to be helping others, there is no money motivating them to get out of bed and volunteer.  Another secret to a better life is pets, most pet owners are happier people mainly because they are giving their love to their pet. It is all about giving when you focus on doing for others you have less time to focus on yourself. Being active is important as well, you do not have to exercise to be active. Being involved in hobbies which gets you moving are perfect, anything which increases you moving around is a good activity to get involved with. Did you know older people are generally more positive and happier than younger people, people who are involved in music and art also are usually happier. These activities improve our quality of life that is the real secret not what we own or how much we earn.

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How To Improve Your Life


How we go about improving our life and making it better is by simple changing our way of thinking, guided meditation and yoga did this for me. It is really difficult to be negative and miserable when you are feeling so good inside that is how daily meditation and yoga will affect your life. You do not need to make all that much extra time to add these to your daily routine, doing them 10-15 minutes in the morning before starting your day and 10-15 minutes before bedtime will make a huge difference in your life. Even once per day will give you benefits, surely you can fit this little extra time in your day for guided meditation and yoga?


Guided Meditation And Yoga


Adding guided meditation and yoga will change your life for the better, I only do the anxiety and stretching yoga which seems to be enough to get me started on the right food each day. This is the best body and mind workout I have experienced, no need to put yourself through hours of working out unless you are interested in really toning your body. Morning and evening seems to work extremely well for me, experiment yourself with the times of the day and the length of your work outs for the best results for you. You will notice a dramatic difference especially in your brain power, better memory and concentration are only two of the benefits you will notice. You will find yourself smiling more often, aging more gracefully and enjoying life so much more. Life should not be worrying about money and things, life should be spent doing the things which makes you happy.


What Is On My Mind

Reprogramming your mind from money and things as being what will make your life better will change your life, we all need money to be able to live and having things should be appreciated and valued. Money and things should not be our focus in our lives, they should come secondary to what really makes us happy. Taking a little time to practice guided meditation and yoga daily is a great start to accomplishing this, with a clearer mind and a less stressed body you will find you do enjoy life much better.


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