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Best Vegetables Container Gardening-Gardening For Your Health


Gardening For Your Health


We all know without anyone telling us our fruit and vegetables are not like they used to be, you can tell that easily just by the taste of them compared to the past? It is a fact our fruit and veggies are not providing us enough of the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy, so this is the reason so many of us has to take vitamins and minerals? There are more people lacking the vitamins and minerals than ever before, so considering growing some of your own fruits and veggies in containers is a smart thing to do?

container gardening tips

Container Gardening

Container gardening are great choices for children and seniors to be able to garden without having to dig up a place for a garden, so many people live in apartments so growing in containers is the answer for them? Many people who live in apartments can grow their own herbs and vegetables on their balconies, your plants will receive the sun they require to grow you tasty vegetables?

No balcony no problem, you can grow your veggies in containers any place you receive sun? Many people have decks or patio’s which will work just fine for growing their veggies, you might even be able to talk your apartment manager into providing your apartment neighbors a place for you all to place your containers? You need very little space for your containers to grow healthy, so keep your eyes out for any place where the sun shines bright during the day?

You can find a variety of compact and dwarf varieties of vegetables which are perfect for growing in containers, you can use many types of containers to grow your veggies in without spending a fortune for fancy container pots? This is also a good way to get started gardening, you can begin getting your feet wet with gardening by starting with container gardening?

container gardening tips

Container gardens are like small versions of raised garden beds, you can even add a raised garden bed with the small investment of a raised garden bed kit? You can make your own raised garden as well, but many people experience it costs them less to purchase a kit instead? I recommend starting out gardening in containers and pots, you then can add a raised garden bed later if gardening becomes a passion for you?


Container Garden Tips

I recommend you choose larger containers for vegetables than you would for flowers, you will find your vegetables require more room for their rooting system to produce you the most vegetables? You will also not need to water your containers as often with larger ones, you can mix compatible plants in a single container if you desire too?

Be sure your container has enough drainage holes in the bottom to prevent your vegetable plant roots from becoming too wet, so many plants develop root rot and other diseases from poor drainage?

I recommend you mulch on top of the soil to prevent drying out as quickly and using a good quality of potting mix is important for your plants to produce well for you?

What To Plant


  • Great Children’s Garden Project
  • Choosing Culinary Herbs Can Spice Up Your Summer Meals
  • Herbs Prefer Full Sun To Grow The Best
  • Placing Your Herbs Container On Wheels Allows You To Keep Them In The Sun
  • Morning & Evening Sun Is Important For Your Herbs
  • Rosemary Prefers Dryer Soil & Fewer Nutrients
  • Basil Requires More Fertilizer & Water
  • Reading Herb Seed Packs & Researching Online To Know What Your Herbs Prefer Is Recommended

container gardening tips for herbs

Cherry Tomato’s

Cherry tomato’s are perfect for growing in containers, you should choose varieties which produces fruit no more than two inches in size for the best tomato’s? It is recommended you use containers at least the size of a five gallon bucket or larger, you should provide a cage for supporting your cherry tomato plant as the plant starts to show signs of little tomato’s? Many times a windy day can break your tomato plant, you will be safer to provide a cage as soon as possible?



Cucumbers is a favorite vegetable to grow for many people, but often people avoid growing cucumbers because they take so much space? When you are limited for space consider growing your cucumbers in containers, you will find the bush and smaller versions of cucumbers will product the best for you in containers?

Cucumber Soil Mix

  • One Part Compost
  • Potting Soil
  • Perlite
  • Peat Moss

Choose a large container with several drainage holes for your cucumbers, you can use plastic or ceramic containers both are good choices of containers for your cucumbers? I recommend you place a few inches of pebbles or small rocks on the bottom before adding your cucumber soil mix for the best drainage, you should choose a container at least 12 inches across and 8 inches deep.

You will need to provide a stake or trellis in your container for your cucumber vines to grow on, so as your plants grow tie them to the trellis is your best strategy? I have grown busy cucumbers without a trellis in containers in the past, but you will need a very large container to give them plenty of room to grow? Old Plastic garbage cans make good containers for cucumbers, you can use old garbage cans for most any vegetables you wish to grow?

Cucumbers will produce the best for you in a sunny location, you again can provide wheels on your container to move your cucumbers into the sun throughout the day? Fertilize your cucumbers with a low nitrogen plant food, so now you are ready to plan your strategy to grow cucumbers in containers this year?

growing cucumbers in container tips

Rainbow Tomato’s

Rainbow tomato’s will brighten any container you choose to grow them in, you will find one plant with a variety of different colored tomato’s. Big container’s are recommended for rainbow tomato’s, you will need to provide these tomato’s at least six hours of sun per day? You will need to provide them a steady supply of water for the best results, I recommend placing one tomato plant per container.

Place your tomato containers close to each other, but avoid their leaves rubbing against one another? Containers should be at least 18 inches in diameter up to 24 inches, I recommend you aim for 20 gallon containers for your tomato’s?

You will need to be sure your container has exceptional good drainage, so many people have had bad experiences from the lack of good drainage of their containers? Tomato’s are easily acceptable to root rot and other diseases from wet roots, you should never use garden soil in containers for any of your vegetables?

Recommended Potting Soil


rainbow tomato container tips


What Is On My Mind Today?

Container gardening is a great way to start gardening for beginners, you can also benefit from growing in containers when you live in an apartment or are limited on space for a full-grown garden? It is recommended you start your plants indoors late winter, so when the weather is warm enough for outdoors you are ready to plant your plants from seeds in their containers?

container garden tips

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8 thoughts on “Best Vegetables Container Gardening-Gardening For Your Health

  1. I have really enjoyed this article and I really appreciate that people are always spreading the good word about healthy living. I was able to learn a few things about container gardens which I haven’t heard before so it was something new to me. Very thorough and detailed guide on container gardening. Nice work.

    1. Thank You Sir,

      I am happy my article post on container gardening was interesting and you learned something new, I recommend anyone interested in any type of gardening to go for it this spring.


  2. I am so glad I came across this post since I am a big fan of fruits and veggies! You’re right, nowadays it is hard to find good tasting veggies, especially since most of them are being genetically engineered and being exposed to pesticides – which we don’t know how harmful they are to our health. Thank you for the suggestions! I love the idea of growing my own cherry tomatoes in a container.

    1. I thank you for sharing with my other readers and yourself today,
      cherry tomatoes do extremely well in containers so I hope you
      give them a try real soon


  3. I am so glad I came across this post since I am a big fan of fruits and veggies! You’re right, nowadays it is hard to find good tasting veggies, especially since most of them are being genetically engineered and being exposed to pesticides – which we don’t know how harmful they are to our health. Thank you for the suggestions! I love the idea of growing my own cherry tomatoes in a container.

    1. Thank You,

      I do appreciate you commenting on my article post, I really feel many of our foods are not healthy for us as they were in the past. There are some type of chemicals in most of the foods we purchase from the stores, you will find pesticides in our product and preservatives in our other foods so how to we avoid so many food chemicals but grown some of our food ourselves?

      I hope you grow some tasty produce in containers soon


  4. I am a gardener myself and you had me from the very beginning of this article.
    I am in 100% agreement about the taste of produce you buy in the store nowadays. I love tomatoes and think that is the largest evidence of the quality of store produced vs homegrown. Nothing tastes better than a tomato grown in your own garden.
    I have had a very large garden for a great many years but this year we have bought a new house. I am looking more into container gardening right now as we work on getting a permanent garden area ready.
    If I wanted to grow full-size tomato plants vs cherry tomatoes what size container do you think would be sufficient for a plant? I was thinking maybe a five-gallon bucket may be enough for an indeterminate type tomato like a black krim. Or do you think it should be larger?
    Also, do you think root vegetables like carrots and beets will grow well in a container?
    I look forward to your input.

    1. Thank You Christina,

      I enjoyed your comment very much, I can tell we share the same passion for gardening and we both are going from a large garden to a smaller garden and even container gardening.

      You can grow any of your root crops with excellent results in containers, I have found my carrots and beets do even better in containers since the soil is much looser and has no pebbles like many of our gardens.

      For large tomato plants you would want to go no smaller than a 5 gallon bucket size, I have experienced better results with larger containers with my own big tomato plants.

      Bigger is better in this case


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