Best Relaxing Teas- Drink Your Anxiety Away

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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication


We can not deal with our anxiety well until we are able to relax and get good quality sleep, this is one of the first important steps we must overcome before we will begin to feel any improvement. For me adding the herbal supplement I am taking now was a big turn around for me, even though this herbal supplement might work for me does not mean it will work for you. There is only one way you will know for sure, that is take a chance and order just one month supply and see how it works for you. Like any program online, you can cancel anytime so you will not spend a ton of money trying this product.




Lets Drink Ourselves Calm Again


Since my last article I have received many comments and mail with interest in using herbal teas, people who bought the tea on my last post was amazed how much it relaxed them and even helped them sleep better. Since this has been so helpful for so many people, I decided to give you some further information on herbal teas I drink regularly. I have come to love my herbal teas, they are all natural from the herbs God provided on this earth for us to use.


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Lavender Tea


Lavender is a super miracle herb without a doubt, you will find lavender in so many products you will be amazed. I prefer the tea myself, but you can purchase this in supplement form and even as an oil. Lavender is most known for its perfume scent and purple flowers, I have some in my own garden I have such good results with this herb I like to use it fresh from my garden. Lavender has a calming sedative effect, it is one if not the number one herbal tea for relaxing and sleep. Other benefits from this herb is:

Anxiety Relief








Chamomile Tea


Another popular tea for relaxing and sleep is Chamomile Tea, this tea is made from a flower which appears much in appearance to a small daisy to me. The benefits of this tea are:



Muscle Cramps




anxiety teas


Passion Flower Tea


Another flower tea which is a very good choice for relaxing and sleep, the passion flower is not the most beautiful flower in the world for sure. This tea does not have as many other benefits as Lavender and Chamomile tea, this teas benefits are:




anxiety tea


Siberian Ginseng


Siberian Ginseng tea is produced from a shrubby plant, small in size but when it comes to this plant small in size does not mean small in benefits. Beware there are several types of Ginseng, but you only want Siberian Ginseng. Benefits of this tea are:


Immune System

Stress Relief

Fatigue Relief


anxiety tea


Valerian Tea


Most everyone knows about Valerian, this herb is often prescribed by doctors for patients with high anxiety, depression and sleep problems. You might not have known it also came in tea form until today, the benefits of this tea are:





anxiety tea

St John Wort


Another popular name you more likely have heard of or even seen in your supplement section, this also comes in tea form. This tea has the most benefits of any of the teas I have included in this article for you, now for all the healthy benefits from this tea.



Mood Stimulant

Addictive Craving Relief


Hormone Balance

Anti inflammatory

anxiety tea


Kava Kava Tea


For a while Kava Kava supplements were very popular, you might have heard of this herbal supplement as well but never knew you could purchase it in the tea form. Another small shrubby plant, the roots and stems are what is used from this plant. This tea only has two health benefits, anxiety and relaxation.

anxiety tea


Final Thought


I have included my favorite calming teas in this article for you, there is something in everyone’s price range. Some are more expensive then others, so please take your time and check them all out for the best deal. I did list for your convenience the least expensive brand available in each one of the teas in this article. Purchasing and using in tea form is much more pleasant and affordable then purchasing them in supplement form, I recommend you experiment with these teas to find which one works best for you.

A Higher Way Of Life


Herbal Mood Supplement



  • Nicole says:

    I’ve used lavender essential oil in the past for stress relief and to improve sleep, but I never knew that you could drink it in tea form! Is the lavender typically mixed with something else, or is it pure lavender?

    Also what about buying the teas in loose leaf form and mixing different varieties together to make up your own combinations?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Nicole

      I appreciate your comment and questions today, here are the ingredients in Yogi Lavender Tea

      Proprietary Blend of Herbs: Organic Rooibos Leaf, Organic Chamomile Flower, Organic Lemon Balm Leaf, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Organic Sage Leaf, Stevia Leaf. Other Ingredients: Natural Honey Flavor, Organic Lavender Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor.

      As for loose leaf form and mixing different varieties this is possible as well, I chose the tea bag products since most people I presumed would prefer this form with their busy lifestyles.

      Nicole I even make my own homemade teas from herbs from my own garden


  • Gary says:

    What a fantastic website so much great information I’m glad i came across it as a sufferer with anexity since school i have been dependent on meds! But didnt realise how much herbal products were available i will definitely be coming back for more i will be highly recommending this to my friends with the same issues as me 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gary

      Medication is good for short term anxiety relief, but for long term it is not a good treatment plan. In time your body adjusts to the meds and you need higher doses or a new med altogether. Which gives you more side effects and more problems, once you learn to deal with your anxiety naturally you can ween yourself off your meds with your physicians guidance of course.


  • Kris says:

    Hi there Jeff,
    Thanks so much for sharing your favourite teas. I never realised just how great herbal teas were. I always have trouble sleeping. Both getting to sleep and staying asleep have always been a drama for me. I do probably have too much caffeine during the day with a cup of black tea (or 2) before bed each night. What sort of tea do you think I would find the most beneficial?
    Thanks for enlightening me, KRis

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kris,

      Thank you for your comment, even though black tea does have caffeine it is much lower in caffeine then coffee and other caffeine containing beverages such as soda pop.

      Many people have good success with Chamomile tea for helping them to sleep, even though all the herbal teas I suggest in my article aid in sleep this one is highly recommended by the majority of people.


  • Michel says:

    Wow, what an informative article about which teas help what.

    I have found chamomile tea great to help me sleep better at night and relax me, but I had no idea this tea was also great for diabetes, anxiety, digestion and cramps.

    Do you know if chamomile tea has any bad known side effects? I just know you shouldn’t drink it before driving.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michel

      Chamomile tea does have some side-effects, as you mentioned you should not drive since it makes you drowsy and your reaction time slow.

      This is especially important if you are allergic to any plant in the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, such as ragweed, echinacea, dandelions, arnica, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, feverfew, calendula, or asters, as this could mean you may also react to chamomile.

      If you do have an allergy to this plant family, drinking chamomile tea could potentially lead to respiratory problems, skin reactions, or even more severe allergic responses (such as anaphylactic shock), so approach with caution!


  • Lynne says:

    Thanks for these great suggestions for herbal teas to help calm anxiety. I knew about Lavender and Chamomile although I came across those for aiding sleep, but yes it makes sense that they would calming too.

    I will try out some of your other suggestions, I am always keen to try out natural remedies for problems. Anxiety is not something I struggle with a lot, it is more sleep and winding down in the evening so I am calm and in a good mindset for sleep. But I am sure anything that has a calming effect will help me.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lynne

      Even though you might not feel anxious in the evening, anxiety is what keeps a person from being able to relax and wind down at the end of their day. Anxiety effects us all different, you may not experience the normal anxiety symptoms most known as anxiety.


  • Marilyn says:

    I read this website with great interest! I love anything natural that can help our health one way or another.

    In particular, I was interested in the Lavender Tea. I love Lavender oil, but Lavender Tea I’ve not had the pleasure of.

    I also note that you enjoy them straight from your garden… what a beautiful idea.

    Valeran Tea… is that nice tasting? I wonder sometimes how nice each one is. What’s your thoughts on it?

    • admin says:

      Thank Your Marilyn

      I am happy your enjoyed my article on herbal teas, herbal teas do take some getting use too. Being natural they are a little less sweet and smooth taste of our cultivated black teas, when teas are processed they lose some of their natural healing effects. Most of your herbal teas are a mixture of several herbs to give them a better flavor and even more health benefits, it does take some time to get use to herbal teas but they are so much more worth it then processed teas.

      Preparing your own tea is pretty simple, you get fresh herbs from your own garden is best of someone else’s but you can purchase fresh herbs. All you do is put your herbs in your slow cooker and let the slow cooker do its job, then when your ready just filter your herbal tea from your slow cooker into your tea container. You also can do this on your stove top, I just like to allow my herbs to slowly cook in my slow cooker I think you get more nutrients that way.


  • Ivo says:

    Hi, Jeff!
    In my country, it is very popular to go hiking or walking in the forest and with that to gather different herbs/mushrooms to prepare dishes or drinks out of them.
    Have you ever went by yourself and if so, are there any dangerous herbs that should be avoided at all costs?


    • admin says:

      Thank you Ivo

      I am happy hiking and walking in the forest is popular in your country, I imagines the people are in much better moods because of this.

      I do not pick wild hers when I am out on nature trails, I recommend you resist this unless you know what wild herbs to pick and which ones to stay away from. I do grow my own herbs and use them, I recommend this over picking wild herbs but there are good herb reference materials to learn which wild herbs to use.


  • Liz says:

    Lovely helpful article about all the different herbal teas out there. I thought I knew my herbal tea, but just found out I didn’t!
    Are there any warnings with St Johns Wort on the tea packet? Or with the Siberian Ginseng? I only ask because I have heard that certain people with certain conditions should not take these supplements, or if they are on some kinds of medications.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Liz

      I appreciate you reading my article on the herbal teas, there is a warning with some herbal teas if your taking certain medications. You should always read carefully for any risks such as these on herbal products. To be sure its safe I would recommend you consult your physician who prescribes your medications, but I have never met anyone who has had any problems connected with their medications and herbal teas.



      Herbal teas are not nearly as strong as taking the herbal supplement directly.

  • wesley says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing your encyclopaedia of tea. My favourite is Lavender tea. It gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling especially after a tired day at work. Besides herbal supplement to stay calm, focused and relax, I suggest meditation is also another way to deal with anxiety.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Wesley

      I appreciate your comment on my article today, herbal tea is a low cost effective way to calm and wind down at the end of your day. Lavender is my favorite as well out of all these tea, mediation I use many times during my day if I am starting to feel a bit anxious and yes it works very well once you learn how to use it.


  • Omar says:

    Can doing regular things like tea help you sleep better and get rid of anxiety? I would have never thought of that! The thing is I actually like tea! As you have shared, there are so many different types to try. Just wondering if you’ve tried any of them and if so, which one was your best?
    Thanks for sharing,

    • admin says:

      Thank You Omar

      I am always trying new herbal teas all the time, herbal teas have no caffeine which is a good reason they are the best teas to wind down your day with. The herbs used to make these teas have natural calming effect on your nervous system, it is much like taking the herbal supplement but in a much less potent dosage.

      I have used the chamomile tea more then any others, but if your have allergies to ragweed do not use this tea it could cause breathing problems.

      Lavender is mixed with other herbs usually in tea, I have made my own and its very calming .

      Valerian root is a bit of a bitter taste, takes some getting use too.

      Kava Kava I have not tired before, but I plan to try this one since it is a very highly recommended tea for calming and winding down.


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