Best Low Calorie Foods That Fill You Up-Understanding Your Appetite

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Your Appetite


Have you ever been amazed on some days how much you could eat and other days how little, our appetites can be our best friend or our worse enemies when it comes to our weight? Those yummy high sugar processed foods are not filling so we often overeat, those healthy natural foods are more filling so we eat less and lose weight.  Now there are many things which can affect our appetites, for most of us it is the foods we choose to eat. Many people have food triggers which we just naturally when exposed to these triggers overeat, here are some of the most common triggers for the majority of people?


Food Is A Trigger


The food we eat during our day stimulates our appetites, processed foods with all that sugar and sodium allows us to eat more food than our bodies are able to burn off. Natural foods are what works best for appetite control, but of course how many of us get cravings for carrots or beets? Foods which digest slower decreases our appetites, this is the reason protein is good when you are trying to watch your weight. Overeating is a challenge today, there are so many temptations every time we leave our houses.


Blood Glucose Levels


Whenever your blood glucose levels start to decline your body signals you with your appetite, it is time for you to eat, declining blood glucose levels often are the primary reason people feel hungry. After you eat a big meal, your blood glucose levels begin to rise, this gives you the feelings of being full and needing not to eat any more. Foods which digest slower regulates your levels much better than foods which digest quickly, this why you can go longer between meals when you eat more protein.


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 Leptin Production


Your leptin production regulates your appetite hormones produced by your fat cells, the more fat cells your body contains the more leptin they will produce. The more leptin produced the more your appetite will shrink, your blood glucose levels  and your leptin production is regulated by the food you eat.


Social Triggers


Whenever most of us go out socially we are going to be eating more likely, people when they get together enjoy eating and drinking to have a good time. The connection with food being available at our social gatherings has causes us to overeat, often the foods we are eating when we are out are not filling foods so we are putting more into our bodies than we can burn off. Foods high in calories are much more available today than in the past, people do not have to prepare this type of food they can just go to the store and buy whatever they have a craving for. Everyone knows fast food has been a major trigger for most of us to gain weight, you can stop at a drive thru and get a fast food meal in a few minutes. About an hour later many of you will be hungry again, the last social trigger is when we are at home and bored we will overeat.


Stress, Anxiety & Depression



Emotional eating is a trigger for most people who are experiencing these issues when we are emotional unhealthy our body craves the wrong kinds of foods which we then gain weight. Resisting the temptation to overeat when you are unhealthy emotionally is almost impossible to do, what you must do is learn how to manage your emotional health better. Learning positive coping skills and relaxation techniques is your best strategy, most people who are stressed out, anxious or depressed find it difficult to relax. To make things even worse, people with these issues most often have serious problems with sleeping as well. Many people who can’t sleep often overeat, it is very easy to get into the bad habit raiding the fridge when we are up late and cannot find a way to sleep?


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Best Low Calorie Foods


For many of us controlling our appetites is a big challenge, when you can’t control your appetite you must do the next best thing. The next best thing is to eat low calorie foods, at least with these foods you can overeat and still not gain as much weight. Many people think there are not many low calorie foods to choose from, well you might be surprised when you take a peek at this list of foods you should be eating?


Yuck Vegetables







Bok Choy




Cucumber ( Yes it is A Fruit )










Kidney Beans


Silken Tofu

Refried Beans




Chicken Breast


Pork Tenderloins

Eye Of Round Steak


Other Foods


Almond Milk

Powdered Peanut Butter




Rice Cakes


Plain Yogurt



Wheat Bran

Shirataki Noodles


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What Is On My Mind Today?


Here is a list of low calorie foods which are filling and will help you lose weight as well, take one day per week and treat yourself to just one of your favorite processed snacks. My favorite snack most often on my cheat day is chocolate, I really do need my chocolate fix one day per week. When you cannot take control of your appetite eating low calorie, filling foods is your next best plan, I also have experienced drinking pea protein powder shakes and protein bars to help me lose weight and avoid my cravings. You can do whey protein powder shakes as well, I prefer the pea protein because it is a plant protein and is dairy free. This is a good choice if you are lactose intolerant or have food allergies, give these a try and you might be surprised how quickly you adjust and start to lose some of your unwanted belly fat.


Products Of The Day


Whey Protein Powder

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Protein Bars

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  • Sharon says:

    When I am stressed, I will munch away, especially all the sweets and junk food. Especially so on dark chocolate, my favourite. Fortunately, dark chocolate is considered healthy compared to others. That’s what I heard.
    Thanks for the list of low calorie food. Need to know and follow for healthier lifestyle.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Sharon

      I appreciate you reading my article and sharing your opinion today, I also have a weakness for dark chocolate. It is healthier for you than milk chocolate with less sugar, as long as you eat it in moderation it is fine. I hope you are able to add some of these healthier foods and snacks into your diet soon.

      Best Of Luck To You


  • Leo says:

    Thank you for the good knowledge of the list of low calories food, it is really a challenge trying to control our own appetite with so much good food at where I am! Work stress also led me to over eat and under exercise! Which caused me to ballooned for a while. Discipline is the most important thing when it comes to controlling of diet and work out!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Leo

      Its great to hear from you and your good results getting your weight back into control. I hope you can maintain your weight from now on, you will be healthier and happier.


  • Marley Dawkins says:

    Nice post – this is really a massively important topic which many people underestimate, i mean we really are what we eat at the end of the day, so understanding how our appetite works and what we can do to fill up well without chomping down a huge amount of calories.

    As someone that works closely within the world of MMA, fighters have to have very specific diets in order to maximise their potential while weight cutting, every calorie really does count, have you ever heard of Mike Dolce before?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Dawkins

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article, it must be awesome working with fighters. I have never heard Of Mr Dolce, I would be interested in hearing more about him when you have the time


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