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Best Anxiety Remedy-Calm Your Anxiety Today



Best Anxiety Remedy


I will not pull your leg or test your intelligence by telling you there is one best remedy for everyone, that just is not true. Every anxiety remedy on the market today claims to be the best anxiety remedy, the fact is your brain chemistry is not exactly the same as mine. Which of course means the same remedy which works for me, might and might not work for you in the exact same way. What I aim to do in this article is give you what works for me and what works for the majority of people  using anxiety remedies today, these are the ones I recommend you try first.


Simple Smart Science

Kava Kava

Valerian Root


St John Wort






I will start with the one which works for me, this supplement has been helping people for over 10 years now. No matter what age you are, what profession your in this has helped people just like you. Yes, this is even highly recommended and used for children with behavior problems and even children with Autism. This company supports the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, this has been a big turn around for me with my anxiety issues of my past. Adding this to my daily diet plan along with eliminating grains from my diet has left me almost no anxiety for the  past two years, I do still practice my relaxation techniques as well  but without these two factors I would not be writing to you today on this website.




Simple Smart Science


This is another one I am big on, I have never used this one but I do like it a whole lot and I hope you will consider it with the rest of the ones I am sharing with you. This one you can only get online, rather new with a day and night  formula. The mood day gives you energy, helps you concentrate and be more productive. The mood night calms you and helps you relax and sleep. The only down side with this one is you must purchase the day and the night separate if you  wish for 24 hour support. You are able to purchase either one separate if you only have issues during the day or during the night, I recommend you take a look at this one and just keep an open mind.


mind boost day &night

Kava Kava

The roots and stem from this shrubby plant is what is used to prepare this supplement , some medical professionals suggest this remedy might be even better then any prescription medicine on the market today. Medical universities state this is beneficial for anxiety without causing any dependency. or any negativity to your heart rate or blood pressure. Kava has been highly effective in studies on people with anxiety issues without any severe side effects other then some minor headaches. Even though there is no real evidence, you may wish to know some suggest this may cause some liver problems if used long-term. Nartrol is made in the USA, dosage is 1-2 capsules daily.




Valerian Root


Another popular supplement widely used by many people with good success, as most people know this is what is used in sleeping medication prescribed by many physicians for their patients. This has a calming effect on your nervous system which promotes sleep, also used as a muscle relaxant for people with chronic pain. Basically treats anxiety and stress related issues, this works well for people with mild anxiety and stress issues which prevents them from being able to fall asleep easily. This is often compared to Melatonin, which is also use to help people sleep. For this the recommend dosage is 3 capsule about one hour before bedtime, of course do not take if you plan on driving or using machinery.



St John Wort


Most people have also heard of this one, this also is has been very successful for people with mild anxiety and stress issues. Even has showed some improvement for people’s depression, assists with addiction cravings, hormone balance and anti inflammatory. Recommended dosage is 3 capsules daily, this has always had very good results for the majority of people.




Final Thought


These are the best anxiety remedies on the market today, Kava, Valerian Root and St John Wort are very good products if your anxiety is mild. If your feel your anxiety is moderate I suggest you go with St John Wort over the other two. I experienced some benefits from these products, but they just did not give me as much relief as I was hoping for. If your feeling your anxiety is pretty high, I suggest you go with the HCF . It has been on the market long enough and has no side effects from all the people who use the product, the Simple Smart Science is rather new on the market with good success for some but I have never used this product but I do like it very much. All these are all natural herbal products, so they are safer then most medications on the market today.

22 thoughts on “Best Anxiety Remedy-Calm Your Anxiety Today

  1. Hello there. I’m glad to know that you’ve had such good success with some of these products. I can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer with anxiety all the time. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have to battle with this. There sure are a lot of different supplements. How common is the anxiety problem? And can it really be controlled with these supplements? For those who do have this problem, it’s good that there is a place like this to go to. they can not only see your recommendations, but they can talk to someone who has a problem like theirs. Good job, I’m sure many will appreciate it.

    1. Thank You Jim

      Sadly there is a outbreak in anxiety from our diets, even today young children have anxiety and I know it is coming from our diets and the lack of nutrients. Gluten is well known for contributing to our health problems today, eliminating gluten has been a dramatic change for my reversing my health problems plus adding nutrients through high quality natural herbal supplements has been the key.

      Be thankful you are not struggling at this time with anxiety, but very few people today are not effected eventually sometime in their life with health problems due to our diets and the lack of nutrients in our food.

      Changing your lifestyle now could prevent you from experiencing these problems in the future,


  2. Hello nice to meet you to Jeffrey, well I agree with you, your live begins with your health. I think you have something good and useful here, your information is very informative and helpful, I especially like the help for the kids, I believe they also need supplements because of the extreme pressure they experience at school. I would just like to say for the rest of the people out their, I’m using supplement every day and it helps me a lot, get yours and start living again. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank You Thegolfmole

      I truly appreciate you verifying your positive experience with supplements, you are not alone I know there are many of us which are healthier because we use our supplements today.

      Our food just does not have enough nutrition any longer to give us enough for our bodies and our brain health


  3. very nice article!

    Anxiety, worry and stress are nowadays a very troubling issue for many, stress alone is the cause for many diseases, I am very happy that you were able to solve your anxiety, health is one of our greatest treasures, as a kid my concentration was really poor and my motivation for doing homework and stuff was also not on the bright side, I always wondered how I could have such a lack in concentration, do you think a lack of supplements and nutrition’s may have been a cause?

    1. Thank You Mark

      I have found in many childhood cases the lack of concentration in school has been a lack of enough nutrients, more likely when you was a school boy our lack of nutrients was not as well known as it is today. Emotional problems are poor brain chemistry imbalance, a good healthy eating plan and the right herbal supplement is the answer to this problem.


  4. Thank you for giving people with anxiety disorder hope and inspiration. Do you think that anxiety and worrying are inter related ? If a person is a worrier, what do you recommend him or her to do ?
    What type of treatment method do you suggest if a person have mental bolck towards change ?

    1. Thank You Remy Ooi

      I am doing my best to help as many people as I possibly can with their anxiety issues, worrying is a common symptom from anxiety for the majority of people. What helped me was to add more nutrients to my eating plan, a good natural supplement loaded with vitamins and anxiety friendly herbs. Once your healthier you will have more of a positive attitude and faith everything will work out for the best ,prayer has had a huge impact on my worrying less also talking about your thoughts and feelings with someone helps a great deal .


  5. Being someone who as suffered from depression I know too well the pitfalls with self-medicating with bad drugs.

    These listed on this page are great their almost natural and perfectly safe

    I did have some good success with st johns and its relatively cheap so no harm in giving it a go

    1. Thank You Steven

      St Johns Wort is one of the safest supplements on the market, plus it has so many benefits it is well worth using this supplement especially if you are only going to add one supplement this one is the best all around supplement and most everyone can afford this product.


  6. Anxiety makes us overthink everything in many different ways and the result of this is overthinking isn’t helpful at all.
    With the help of these natural anxiety remedies, you can begin to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle that isn’t driven by constant stress.
    Good information indeed! Thanks for your help!

    1. Thank You Rule2020

      Anxiety does cause us to overthink just like you shared, it is not helpful in fact most of the time it causes us extra stress and anxiety.


  7. I like the way you offered a review for several products instead of just one. It gives people a general idea of what’s out there. I personally use Valerian Root routinely at night. My mind races when it’s time to unwind for bed and this helps calm me and allow me to get a good night’s sleep. As for your statement about being safe for children; I would hope parents check with their pediatrician before self dosing.

    1. Thank You Calvin

      Very good advice about checking with the children’s pediatrician before self dosing, I am happy Valerian Root helps you to calm down and unwind, most of us has problems winding down and getting to sleep today. Using natural supplements is much healthier, then using sleeping medications.


  8. My wife has tried some of the products you list in your article as they have been around for many years and are widely known by many.

    The HCF we are aware of not as much as St Johns Wart, kava Kava or the Valerian Root.

    The one we have never heard of before and will look into is your recommendation on Simple Smart Science.

    As you mentioned it best to try them to see which ones work best as each person is different.

    1. Thank You Travis

      Sadly all supplements does not work equally for everyone, I tried many of the most common products as well with very little success. If I had not keep experimenting with new products I would not be writing this comment to you, simple smart science i relatively new. Loaded with vitamins and anxiety herbs, I do hope it helps your wife and if not keep trying never give up.


  9. I am very interested in the HCF for children. My son has high anxiety for tests in school and low concentration. So he does not do well on tests at all. I have tried different supplements, and it’s really hard to know if they work. Shoot it’s hard for him to tell. Could this product possibly help with him in his schoolwork? I would really love to know.

    1. Thank You Matt’s Mom

      HCF has helped many children with their anxiety related problems, increased their ability to concentrate better and be more relaxed and happier. Of course Matt’s mom, every supplement as you have experienced does not work for everyone one or child. It does take time for a supplement to start to work , usually within 4-6 weeks your son should start to feel some difference if its going to help him.

      I wish the best for you and your son,


  10. Reading through this post just refreshed my memory of all of the great natural remedies to help with depression and anxiety, since I am in fact somebody who suffers from these illnesses. I love how accurate and true this article is on all of the best you can get, and doing it in a very healthy and natural way. Once again, thank you for making such a great site with so many great resourceful and Vital Information that we all need to know and learn!

    1. Thank You Johnny

      I do hope your coping pretty well with your issues, at least better then in the past. There is a lot of resources today to help us cope better, also once you find the right supplement it makes a huge difference as well.


  11. The best thing about it here, is that it is kid friendly. Many times kids are afraid to share their thoughts.

    I like knowing I will be able to deal with stress in calm even way. You give a lot of great information. Thanks so much for sharing all this.

    1. Thank You Jagi

      I am concerned very much for the children today facing anxiety related issues, this is becoming a severe problem and if the children do not learn how to deal with this they will become even more severe as young adults.


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