Special needs children and television

Benefits Of Television On Children-Pros And Cons

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Television & Special Needs Children


Television can be a great learning tool for special needs children, with good parental guidance these children can be getting a very good education while watching television. The majority of children today are exposed to television and other technology devices which can be a positive or a negative influence on these children’s behavior, children who use television and electronic tablets before they ever start kindergarten are ahead of children who have not been exposed to these devices in a positive way.




How your child spend their time before ever starting school can make a difference how they do in school, children who are behind the majority of kids when starting school often experience struggling to catch up. What is your child watching during their television time, parents who encourage educational and learning programs develop good habits for their child? Children today are growing up on tablets before ever entering school, playing educational games has been a positive influence on children at this age.


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Children without good parental guidance may be watching and learning the wrong types of things, children take things they watch on television as being real and often will imitate from the programs they watch on television. When my son was a toddler with autism,  he harmed himself by jumping off the top of his dresser trying to fly like his favorite super hero, children are innocent and believe everything they see at a young age. Many children experience behavior problems due to what they are watching on television, children with special needs can feed off of the programs they watch and cause them behavior problems.


Television Tips For Children


  • Four Hours Or Less Television Per Day
  • Violent Programs May Cause Aggressive Behavior
  • Focus On Positive Television Characters As Role Models
  • Television Can Influence Smoking & Drinking As Being Cool



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American Academy Of Pediatric’s Recommendations


  • Babies & Toddlers Up To Eighteen Months Avoid Television
  • Toddlers Eighteen Months To Twenty Four Months Television With Parents & Caregivers
  • Preschoolers No More Than One Hour Per Day & Educational Programming
  • Kids & Teens Five To Eighteen Years Parental Limits Should Be Enforced
  • Includes Television-Social Media, & Video Games


Recommended Educational Programming


  • Sesame Street
  • Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Cyber Chase
  • The Electric Company
  • Animal Atlas
  • Nutri Ventures
  • Brain Games
  • Get This Math
  • Bang Goes The Theory
  • Cosmos A Spacetime Odysssey
  • Great Migrations
  • The Weight Of Nutrition
  • Breakthrough
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Discovery Kids


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What Is On My Mind Today?


If you are like myself you grew up watching the positive influence television programs as a kid, even today when I do watch television the majority of the time I am watching educational type of programs such as discovery and national geographic. Many times what you are exposed to as a child will stick with you as an adult, forming good television viewing as a child often stays with you even when you are a full-grown adult.


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  • Emeolu says:

    Watching television and playing game devices such as tablets, video games, etc have both positive and negative effects on our children. Parents have a big role in influencing the way and the rate they watch television, play tablets, and video game. Those privilege should be denied until they have finished their homework. They should be restricted to watching educational programs and other children shows that free of foul languages and violence. Most important, don’t allow them to watch late night television shows.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Emeolu

      I agree with you totaling on the restrictions you suggest, I really feel children are learning too many negative things from television today such as sex for one, this makes children curious and engage in sex way too young and can affect their lives with being a parent before they have become a mature adult.


  • GBIG says:

    I was happy to have found your website today. It made me stop and think that their are both pros and cons with letting my children watch television. I must admit that sometimes I let my children watch TV to give me a “break” so I can prepare dinner etc. You made me stop and think that there really are beneficial shows they can be watching in this time and to avoid the easy option of letting them watch cartoons. Thank you for that.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am happy you found my website and post helpful, I am sure most parents do allow their children to watch television to give them a break and allow them to get things done at home.


  • Sameer khan says:

    Sitting in front of the TV and playing amusement gadgets, for example, tablets, computer games, and so on have both positive and negative consequences for our youngsters. Guardians have a major part in affecting the way and the rate they sit in front of the TV, play tablets, and computer game. Those benefit ought to be denied until they have completed their homework. They ought to be limited to watching instructive projects and other youngsters demonstrates that free of foul dialects and savagery. Most vital, don’t enable them to observe late night TV programs.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sameer Khan,

      I appreciate your sharing your wise words on this topic, everything you have shared I agree with completely. Many children are spending too much time on these types of devices, even worse when they are on these devices they are exposed to negative information if not supervised.


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