Behcets Autoimmune Disease-One Nasty Autoimmune Disease

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Bechet’s Disease


Bechet is another arthritis related health issue which causes you much inflammation and pain, this is not as common as many other arthritis diseases. As all autoimmune diseases this one attacks your body, this is often referred as a syndrome rather than a disease. Most people experience sores and pain from inflammation, with this one your body is attacking your blood vessels.


Inflammation Of The Blood Vessels


what exactly causes our bodies to attack our blood vessels are not really known for sure, People with these certain genes are a risk factor, when people with these genes make contact with bacteria or viruses and other environmental factors they are at risk to trigger this disease. This is not contagious, so if anyone you know has this you will not need to fear catching it from them, like most autoimmune diseases there are certain symptoms and treatments you can use to manage this much better.



What Are Your Symptoms


This autoimmune disease or syndrome has some of the most nasty symptoms to experience, mouth and genital sores are very common for the majority of people, also eye inflammation which is very painful and causes extremely dry eyes. Skin rashes is another common symptom to watch out for if you are experiencing these symptoms regularly you should consult your doctor.


Joint Swelling

Digestive System

Inflammation Of The Brain

Inflammation Of The Spinal Cord

Blood Clots


How To Treat


Everyone does not experience the same symptoms, there is no specific tests to diagnose you have this autoimmune disease. The best treatment plan is to focus on managing your inflammation and pain, like all autoimmune diseases rest is your best friend during flare ups. Moderate exercise when symptoms are not flared up is important, swimming, walking, gentle stretching yoga and meditation are the recommended exercise plans to focus on.



Immune Suppressive Medications

Corticosteriods Creams & Gels

Mouth Washes

Eye Drops

Anti-Inflammatory Medication



Treating Medication Free


I am highly against using medication unless you have no other options, the corticolsteriod creams and gels are an exception but a very expensive way to treat your sores and lesions. The medications I am against are your high dosage pain medications, they have caused me organ damage using them long-term. I did not over use them, still I have organ damage and I just wish to warn you about this possibility since my doctor or pharmacist never warned me your doctor and pharmacist might not warn you as well.


Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic ( Balances Your PH Levels )

Omega 3 Fats ( Fatty Fish Or Fish Oil ) (Inflammation & Pain )

Vitamin C ( Immune System Support )


What To Eat


Food is always important when managing any autoimmune disease, the right food and supplements can improve your symptoms more than many people realize. If you add only one herb to your diet,  the best herb is turmeric, this herb has become known as a super herb. Your diet should consist of an anti inflammatory diet, here is a list of the best foods and supplements you should consider.




Sweet Potato’s




Vitamin D


Green Tea


Extra Virgin Olive Oil




What Not To Eat


I realize many people do not realize how much these foods increase your symptoms, again gluten-free is at the top of the list for foods to avoid. Why if gluten is now known to cause inflammation is it still on the market, it is not just people who are sensitive to gluten who is receiving slow silent damage to their bodies. How many people do you know who does not have some symptoms to some degree, how many people do you know without arthritis of some type? These are the foods to keep out of your grocery cart, it does take much devotion and willpower to give up the bad foods but it is well worth it to feel healthier again.


Gluten ( Anything With Gluten Causes Inflammation )


Processed Foods

High Sugar Foods (Yes Sugar Causes Inflammation )

High Salty Foods ( Causes Inflammation )


yoga & meditation


What Is On My Mind Today


Believe me I know how difficult it is to go grocery shopping with the temptation of those bad foods calling your name, buy me put me in your cart today. At least cut back on those bad foods, eliminate gluten completely from your diet. Even going gluten-free and cutting back on the others will improve your health, who knows maybe once you start feeling better you will eventually eliminate all those bad foods from your diet for good.

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