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Avocado The Super Food-Nutrition

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The Avocado

No wonder this fruit is such a brain health super food, did you know it is actually a berry. The berry is the number one brain health food, this berry is also referred to as the alligator pear in some cultures. Spanish refer to this berry as “Aguacate”, nahuati word for this berry is “Testicle”. In India it is referred to as “Butter Fruit”, Taiwan it is the “Cheese Pear”.


Growing The Avocado As A Houseplant

Believe it or not, it is possible to grow this in your home as a houseplant. You grow it from its pit from ripe fruit, unrefridgerated. First you stab the poor pit three to four times with tooth picks about one-third from its flat end, then you place the pit in a jar or a vase containing water. Four to six weeks your pit should sprout roots and a stem, if not the pit is discarded but do not give up trying again. Once the stem is a few inches in length, place in a pot with soil and water every few days.





















Adding Avocados In Your Diet

This berry can be added to your diet in a variety of ways, for one you can replace any of your high fat meats substituting the flesh from this berry. You can replace your fish and dairy products with this berry, if you desire to cut down your consumption on these foods as well. This berry has become a very popular vegan cuisine, substituting this berry in sandwiches and salads. Some other ways to add this to your diet are using it as a spread on toasted bread, tortillia wraps, milk shakes, ice cream, desserts and smoothies. Another option is to use as a side dish to rice, soups, chicken, fish and any of your other favorite dishes.




















Avocados Nutritional Benefits

This super berry provides you with vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. Another nutritional benefit you will receive from this berry is potassium, consumed in moderation this is a very healthy and beneficial addition to your diet. Your diet will be improved in quality adding this berry in moderation, your nutritional levels will be much improved, some people have experienced reduced metabolic syndrome. Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and even lost weight. With it’s high fiber content, it’s is very filling and this is the reason people have lost weight.


Final Thought’s

This is a very beneficial addition to your diet, beware not to over consume or you will more likely gain weight. This super berry does contain a high fat content, but in moderation it is a  healthy fat. I have warmed it up in my microwave on a wrap, but do not add it to high heat since it does not take the high heat well. This berry is so healthy and so simple to add to your diet, why not purchase a few to try next time you go grocery shopping.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my posts and especially the ones who have been leaving comments, I do appreciate you all very much. My purpose with my posts is to help others become healthier, it is never too early to start improving your health which in turn will improve your life.


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