Autoimmune Diet Food List-Your Diet Is Your Best Autoimmune Disease Plan

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Food On The Market Today


Our foods on the market today is a major cause of our autoimmune diseases, man has tampered too much with our food and many of the products on the market are not healthy for our immune systems causing them to malfunction and attack our own  bodies. Anything with artificial junk is not a healthy choice, which fits the majority of the processed foods on the market today. Any of these should be consumed in moderation, over-consumption contributes to our immune system malfunctioning causing chronic inflammation. Biggest question I have is why has the drug and food administration not done anything about this situation, even more why are these products still on the market when it is clear they are contributing to autoimmune diseases?



Saturated Fats

Trans Fats

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Refined Carbs

MSG ( Artificial Food Additive )

Gluten / Casein

Aspartame (Artificial Sweeteners )


What Should We Eat?


It is all over the internet and even people in the medial fields are admitting now the majority of our foods are causing us chronic inflammation, chronic inflammation often leads to autoimmune diseases. It is a fact we cannot completely eliminate these products from our diets, the best we can do is cut back on them and consume more of the natural anti-inflammatory foods.




The big question which comes to my mind right away is fish really healthy for us today, I prefer to take fish oil supplements rather than take the risk of consuming unhealthy fish. Even if the mercury and  other harmful chemicals found in fish is supposed to be such low levels it will not harm us, but when you consider we should be consuming 3-4 ounces of this fish twice per week our bodies will be exposed to these low levels regularly. I use to love to eat fish several times per week,  but now with my over sensitive immune system I do not dare to eat fish that often. The drug and food administration claims these levels are so low they will not harm us, but do we trust them after all the food additives they have passed in our processed foods which is causing us inflammation and autoimmune diseases?




Soybeans are low in fat and high in protein plus fiber. I have never touched any of these myself but they are supposed to be an anti-inflammatory food. We must increase foods which provide anti-inflammatory in our diets to manage this chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases taking over our immune systems. Our immune systems are out of whack from our over-consumption of processed foods with these dangerous food additives, how can anyone feel these foods can be healthy for us?


Healthy Oils


Throw out all those unhealthy oils you are using and replace them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, other healthy oils you can consider are avocado and walnut oil. Those other oils contribute to your inflammation and pain, so next time you are food shopping add one or more of these healthy oils. These oils take much less to use than those other oils, even with the higher cost they are economically good purchases for you.


Cherries & Berries


Cherries and berries are very good anti-inflammatory foods to consume as often as you desire, berries are your number one brain food. These are very beneficial for arthritis and gout, you cannot go wrong anytime you purchase any of these for your diet.








Leafy Green Vegetables


Your leafy greens provide you will calcium and vitamin D, we are aware many people are low on both of these. Adding one small salad to your meals will be one method to get more greens into your diet, best to use your favorite healthy oil such as extra virgin olive oil. Many of the salad dressings are inflammation triggers, the reason many are loaded with MSG.





Broccoli provides you with vitamin K and vitamin C, I am not a big fan of cooked broccoli. I often just had a few broccoli pieces in my small salads, I do like broccoli made into a soup which I blend in my blender when I am feeling energetic. I try to eat at least a little every week, if you like this veggie eat as much as you like it is very healthy.




Citrus fruit is another good healthy anti-inflammatory to enjoy in your diet, beware some people with autoimmune diseases are not able to consume grapefruit and other sour citrus fruits it causes inflammation. Oranges are your best citrus fruit to consume, grapefruit, lemons and limes may be trigger foods for you so try these in small amounts. Of course these are high in vitamin C, vitamin C is very important for a healthy immune system.


Grains Gluten Free


Anyone with inflammation problems should go gluten-free, many people with autoimmune disease still must eat grains in moderation even the gluten-free grains aggravate some people’s symptoms.


Gluten-Free Oatmeal

Gluten-Free Brown Rice

Gluten-Free Cereals




Beans are a very good and safe plant protein source, this is probably one of the easiest foods to get into your diet plan. You can add a handful of your favorite beans in almost all your meals, even add them to your salads.


High Protein

Folic Acid

Magnesium ( Many People With Autoimmune Lack )






Garlic Family


The Italian cultures are well known for their garlic in their meals, I often wonder if the Italians experience less inflammation and autoimmune disease than other cultures with less of this food in their diet?  Add garlic, onions and leeks to your meals for your immune boost. You can do like me and use garlic in the spice form, I have seen garlic in bottles in some stores ready to use.




I wish nuts were much lower in calories since I just love nuts, these are my favorite snack between meals. One handful is plenty to provide you with so many health benefits, be careful not to over-consume these or you will more likely gain weight. I avoid peanuts since peanuts really is a bean not a nut, plus peanuts for many people is a trigger food.


Herbs & Spices


I do love my herbs and spices, if you are a herbal tea drinker sipping on the anti-inflammatory herbal teas during your day will reduce your inflammation. Adding herbs and spices is the easiest method to manage your inflammation, plus these as they say will spice up your life.


Ginger ( Fresh, Supplement, Tea )

Cinnamon ( My Favorite Sweetener )

Black Pepper ( Some People This Can Be A Trigger)


Chamomile ( Supplement , Tea )

Fennel Seed



Cayenne Pepper




Celery Seed




What Is On My Mind Today

I really hope my last two articles helps many of you get on the right track with which foods are usually trigger foods and which ones are beneficial foods, this information was such a big stepping stone for me managing my own inflammation and autoimmune diseases. This diet will decrease the severity of your symptoms, you still will experience flare ups now and then. Your good days will be much better, plus your bad days will not be as bad.


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