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Brain Nutrition Facts- Nutrition Deficiency







Brain Nutrition Deficiency

For years my vitamin and mineral levels were very low, my medical physicians were baffled. I was taking high doses of prescription vitamins plus mineral products over the counter without any success, when your brain is not receiving enough nutrition your cognitive functioning is all out of whack. My brain functions were never stable, I had severe headaches almost everyday. My memory was terrible, I had to write down every little thing I wanted to remember.  I  was a nervous wreck without a doubt, my anxiety levels were so high my entire body would just shake most of the time. My hands shook so bad I could barely drink from a regular glass, my legs shook and walking very far in distance was a struggle for me. This was on one of my better days, on my bad days my fatigue was so terrible I could only get out of bed long enough to go to the bathroom. My being under nourished was effecting me physically and emotionally, how in the world I survived for 20 years living like this I have no idea. Even my sleep was effected by my nutrition levels being so low, most of the time on my bad days I just laid in my bed with my mind racing. I am sure by now your getting a very good idea of what I might have looked like, even though I was eating a very healthy diet my body was not absorbing the nutrients from my food or the supplements my doctors had me on.


How To Improve Your Brain Health

How did I ever improve my brain health you might be wondering right now, well I started researching on my good days online about nutrition. I was only able to research about an hour at one time, then I would be so mentally and physically fatigued I had to go back to bed for a while. Once I changed my lifestyle to the gluten-free diet, I did start to notice a difference in about one month. Now I am still having to take supplements, but my body is absorbing them much better than in the past. My brain functions and my physical condition are both much improved, My anxiety is almost completely absent, the shakiness has decreased, my memory is much better. I have just seen a complete turn around in my entire health status, my doctors are amazed but really do not believe just changing my diet and lifestyle was the reason for my improvement. Today with all the chemicals our bodies are exposed too, plus our food does not provide the nutrients they once use too. Supplements are very important for our  health, there are many people who do not even realize they are not receiving enough nutrients because right now there symptoms are not severe enough to effect their daily lives. Preventive health care is very important while you are healthy, once you become unhealthy it takes so long to recover and become healthy again.



How To Maintain Your Brain Health

You must make it a point to provide your body with enough nutrients to function well, that is the secret to maintaining your health. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to remain healthy, in the future I am planning on sharing posts on how many of the unhealthy habits we have are really  effecting our lives. Today we are all in a big hurry to get things done, we do not receive enough rest or sleep, our brains require seven or eight hours to recharge. Even though our brains never sleep, while we are sleeping our brain is recharging and preparing for the next day. Exercise is another important maintenance requirement our brains need, exercise does more than just effects our bodies. It also benefits our brain power, never hurts to add some brain games in your life from time to time to keep your thinking sharp. Take your health serious now while your healthy, do not wait as I did until your health status is completely burned out.


Final Thoughts

Nourishment provides us with more than many people realize, it does not just supply us our energy to do the things we enjoy and need to do each day. Proper nourishment supplies us to be in a good positive mood, able to handle the stress in our lives. Did you know it also effects our emotions, we would be very anxious, depressed or even giggly depending on how healthy we are. Our attention spans are much longer, we can concentrate and be more productive. These are just a few of the things we take for granted everyday, but if we do not take preventive care of ourselves one day we will lose these precious things in our lives.

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Living Gluten Free On A Budget- Gluten-Free Vs Gluten







 Gluten-Free VS Gluten

My objectives to my posts are to give my visitors the information they desire to solve their health problems, since there has been such an interest in gluten I am going to continue my sharing with you in another post today.

As you know if you read my last post from my own experience a gluten-free lifestyle has improved my life in so many positive ways, in my opinion gluten is nothing but a slow acting poison causing our bodies many physical and cognitive health issues. There is no doubt in my mind which one is right for me, my old lifestyle caused me not be able to function well enough to earn a living. I lost everything in my past, my family and my home, my career and my lust for life.

Since seriously sticking to my new lifestyle the past few years, my health has improved and still is improving today. My present lifestyle has relieved me of my cognitive dysfunction, which has been the main reason I had to give up my past life. My mind is so much clearer, even my aches and pains from my arthritis has become much less severe the past few years. Two years ago I would not be able to function well enough to even share my experience with you, the only real negative side of my present lifestyle is the higher cost of my living expenses. For me there is no question which lifestyle is the best choice to live, sure you have to add supplements to your diet but that is a small cost to be able to enjoy your life and function well again.


What Are The Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet (Lifestyle)

My present lifestyle is not a fad diet to lose weight, you might even gain some weight living this lifestyle if you depend on the gluten-free processed foods available today. My lifestyle consists mainly of the old fashion way of life, vegetables and fruits with low fat grass-fed meats. You might be curious about why I consume grass-fed meat, the reason for this is I have experienced meat fed grains flares up my past symptoms. I suppose you can believe its true what they say, you are what you eat. Animals fed grains are just as harmful to you as if you was eating the grain yourself, but the benefits are amazing if you adopt this lifestyle with a passion. Its just amazing to feel young again and have a clear mind, more energy and now I am able to go shopping without having to make a list every time. In the past, my mind was so cluttered and unclear I could not even remember what I went to the store for by the time I would arrive. The store is only 5 minutes from my home, even going to buy one or two items my mind would go blank by the time I got to the store. Adopting this lifestyle has given me a younger brighter brain, the best part about this lifestyle is you will know in a month or less if its going to work for you. Next I will share some tips on living this lifestyle, at first its a bit overwhelming but in a short time you will adjust to your new lifestyle and be happy you did.









Tips On Living Gluten-Free

Living this lifestyle on a fixed income was a challenge for me at first, shopping was my worse enemy for the longest time. I had to read all the ingredients on everything in the stores to be sure it was safe for me to eat, I limit myself to only a few processed gluten-free products each shopping trip. For one, they are more expensive and you receive much less in a package. I purchase more produce today which is a much better bargain then the processed foods available, it saves me much time now avoiding the aisles in my favorite stores which are off-limits to my new lifestyle. Actually most of the processed foods safe for me to consume I purchase online at a much better price, purchasing them bulk online is the best way to go. I still believe very much processed foods are not healthy for our bodes, I truly feel they put stress on our digestive systems and our immune systems when consumed too often in too large of amounts.


Snacks are not as difficult as people would think living this lifestyle, I am able to consume most snack products which are corn or rice based. I still have to check to be sure there is not gluten in the product, some rice and corn products do use it as a filler. Many of your chocolate candy  on the market today I am able to consume as a snack, its wise to get in the habit of checking the ingredients just to be sure. Even if you stick to certain brands, sometimes companies change the ingredients in their products to save money. Today most of the brand name companies are starting to produce gluten-free, popcorn is my favorite snack and chocolate bars. I have been considering adding recipes in the future if there is enough interest in them, but you can find a ton of recipes online today and even buy cook books.


Please be careful there are many non-food products you are not able to use, ladies especially be wise many cosmetic products have gluten in them. Many of our hygiene products, such as shampoo’s, deodorants and soaps are not safe for us to use. Licking envelopes are something we never think about being unsafe, but many glues on envelopes are not safe.










Final Thoughts

I have  been amazed at how I had the power all these years to improve my own health issues by simply adjusting my lifestyle, today I live a much improved quality of life. I am able to participate in activities I could not for many years, I realize its very hard for some of you to truly understand how much of a difference this lifestyle has improved my life, what do you have to lose to give it a honest effort for one lousy month. That is all the time it takes to know if it  is gong to improve your life and your brain power. I have not even made a dent in all I have experienced from living my past lifestyle and my present lifestyle, maybe I will share more on this in future posts if I am persuaded by your interest.

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Brain Health And Gluten









How Gluten Effects Your Brain Health

Gluten is a plant protein in the following grains:

  • Wheat
  • Barely
  • Rye


Just some products which contain this plant protein are:

  • Pastries
  • Breads
  • Pizza
  • Bagels
  • Ice Cream
  • Additive Flour Dough
  • Soy Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Gum
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Pet Food
  • Cereals
  • Glue
  • Processed Foods


Gluten Free Diet Benefits

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Fibromyaligia Symptoms
  • Food Allergies
  • Neurological Symptoms & Diseases Relief
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Symptoms
  • Celiac Disease Symptoms
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Irritable bowel Symptoms


How To Choose Gluten Free Foods

  • Grass Fed Meat Products
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • GF labeled Processed Foods Only.










Gluten Free Nutritional Facts

Foods lack:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber

Supplementation is recommended for this type of  diet


Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you add this type of a diet, especially if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed in this post. I have had so much success overcoming my cognitive problems after adjusting to this diet, I assure you it will not be so easy to adjust at first but once you begin feeling the benefits you will be happy you did.




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Brain Fog Facts, Clear The Fog


Brain Fog Facts

Brain fog without a doubt is the most frustrating and the most terrifying health issue I have ever had to overcome, brain fog does not describe anywhere near what you are experiencing with this terrible brain health issue. Actually brain fog is cognitive dysfunction, which is your brain malfunctioning to process information correctly. In my personal opinion, cognitive dysfunction is caused by inflammation of your brain which restricts blow flow to your brain and this causes your brain to malfunction.

Brain Fog, Brain Power, Brain Health, Self-Improvement









Seven Causes Of Brain Fog

The seven most common causes of brain fog are:

  • Gluten Diets
  • Sleep Problems
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Pain
  • Depression


Brain Fog And Nutrition

I have experienced nutrition has been one of the biggest factors in clearing the fog, a brain health diet is a must. I wish to share with you the diet I started with to clear the fog, with this diet I noticed a difference in about one month.

  • Gluten Free Grains
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Canola Oil
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds


Brain Diet, Nutrition, Self-Improvement, Brain Power








Brain Fog And Gluten

Honestly going gluten free was the best decision I ever made in my entire life, within one month I noticed a remarkable difference in my bran health. My symptoms began to become less severe the longer I remained gluten free, even today if I get any gluten in my system through contamination I feel my symptoms increasing. I will admit this was one the hardest adjustments in my life, gluten free is like a whole different world. Is it worth all the extra effort to remain gluten free, for me the answer is “YES”. I highly suggest you give this your best effort , I have confidence you also will benefit from a gluten free diet and will experience your fog to start to clear.


Supplements For Brain Fog


B Vitamins



Omega 3 Fish Oil


St John Wort




Final Thoughts

I have the highest confidence what I have shared with you today will clear the fog from your life, I suggest your first step be to improve your diet and go gluten free. Once you experience less severe symptoms, you will feel like a brand new person. As for the supplements, I have shared with you the supplements which has been the most helpful for other people. All supplements does not work the same for everyone, if you choose to add supplements in your diet experiment with one supplement at a time. I hope my sharing my own experience will also help you, start your own recovery plan and clear the fog from your life forever. Feel free to leave comments, I am always interesting in knowing how my readers feel about what I have shared in my posts.

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Welcome To Life Begins With Your Health


Brain Power






How To Improve Your Brain Power

Thank you for visiting life begins with your health , for my first blog post  I wish to share with you what life begins with your health  is all about. My purpose is to help you improve your brain power with a variety of brain power techniques, I myself have experimented with all the brain power techniques I am going to share with you. To be completely honest with you some of these brain power techniques will improve your brain power, while others might not do all that much for you. Please do not become disgusted and give up when experiencing negative results from some of the brain power techniques, everyone has different brain chemistry and you must do your best to be patient and experiment until you find the right brain power techniques which will improve your brain power.


Brain Power Ed

Brain power ed is my link which will  provide you with  brain power educational information, my intent on this link is to provide you with the knowledge to understand how your brain functions. I know myself gaining more knowledge was a important key to improving my own brain power.



My nutrition link will provide you with brain nutritional knowledge to develop a brain nutritional diet plan, nutrition is a very big part of how well our brain functions.



From time to time I will be providing reviews for you on my reviews link, my review link is to share with you what is available on the market today. Also on this link, you will receive the positive and the negative which will assist you in deciding if this product is right for you.


Life Begins With Your Health Thanks You

Life begins with your health is a website for people seriously interested in ” How To Improve Your Brain Power”, I thank you for visiting my website today and I hope you will give my website the opportunity to assist you in improving your brain power.