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Artificial Sweeteners-Are They Safe

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My Thoughts

My thoughts on artificial sweeteners are like anything else which is not natural which we would put into our bodies, they try to put the blame on our health on our sugar consumption. Since they started using all these sweeteners instead of sugar in our foods, obesity and diabetes is at its highest ever. We are a very unhealthy society today, so I ask you how is putting all these sweeteners in our food helping either of these problems. I honestly believe diet products with these in them are more dangerous and unhealthy than when we were using all natural sugar. You will find very little information on these products to prove they are healthier for us than sugar, since there is no proof they are unhealthy for us the FDA approves these products. How many of these products has been taken off the market because they believe they may not be healthy as once thought, I urge you next time you use a sweetener go natural and not artificially. These products are much sweeter than sugar, yet I see people using several packets of these in their beverages everyday. There is no proof these cause cancer, but there also is no proof that they do not. Besides obesity and diabetes being at its highest point, also cancer is increasing more and more everyday.







Artificial Sweetener Benefits

The supposedly benefits of these products are weight loss, improve dental care, diabetes, benefit people with reactive hypoglycemia which is people whose immune systems produce too much insulin when consuming sugar. Many people use these products to avoid processed foods, save money since these products are much less expensive then sugar.

I do not see the results that a person truly receives these benefits from these products, I know people who have been using these products for many years and still today they are over weight, some have developed diabetes and the money they save has not made a big difference in their lives. The claim sugar causes weight gain, body fat and even cardiovascular problems I do not believe, if you use sugar responsible in moderation these problems will not be caused by the consumption of sugar.


Top Sweeteners Today

From what I could find in information on these products, the top products today are aspartame, saccharin and splenda. These are in our diet products which we all know, but also these are also in our toothpastes, mouthwashes and ice cream. Pretty much you can be sure any product which claims not to have sugar, must have one or more of these products in them. This means that even someone like me who does not wish to consume these products, has been exposed to them without even being aware of it. Most of your big name brands use these in their product, two which I found mentioned is coke products and pepsi products.




















Aspartame is odorless, 200 times sweeter than sugar. This product you will find in frozen deserts, gelatins, beverages and even chewing gum. This one you can not use in baking, this product is believed to possibly have neurological and psychiatric side effects. Could these products possibly be the reason our mental health issues have increased to be the number one medical problem today, possibly connected to cancer but no definite proof.

Saccharin is 300-500 times sweeter than sugar, thought to be possibly connected to bladder cancer but again no definite proof. This product has a bitter taste, usually its added with another sweetener. This product is used mainly in toothpaste, diet foods and diet beverages.

Slenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar, can be used in baked goods, fried foods, beverages, gum and deserts. This is insoluble in fat and does not accumulate in fatty tissue, as you can see there is very little information to back up these products to being health, safe and provide the benefits they claim.

Final Thoughts

I honestly do not trust these products to be healthy and safe for your consumption, it would be healthier for you and safer to use fruit and natural maple syrup as a sweetener. Sugar can be used and be a healthy additive to your food if used in moderation, these products are labeled as food additives just so you know they might not be listed as artificial sweeteners on your food labels.

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  • Nicole says:

    Thanks for this awesome article Jeff! I detest artificial sweeteners and am warning people so often that I could probably be a spokesperson! I love that there are others out there like me trying to get the word out about their terrible side effects.

    Thanks again,

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Nicole
      I appreciate your comment very much, artificial sweeteners are much worse then just using plain old sugar.
      I wish more people thought like you, be more people healthier and happier today.

  • Dr Brad says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I want to thank you for highlighting the possible health problems that artificial sweeteners can pose.

    It is hard enough to avoid all the chemicals we are constantly exposed to in modern society without knowingly putting more into our bodies.

    I think that the biggest problem is that most people are totally unaware of what actually goes into their ‘food’. I believe that reading food labels should be taught at school. (Although I also tell my patients who often ask me how to read labels that if it has a label, it’s not really food!) Too much procesed food is causing a LOT of health problems today.

    It just goes to show that you really do need to do your research with what we eat, as it can be a somewhat unregulated market.

    I am a big advocate of natural health optimization, so I have found your website to be very informative.


    Dr Brad

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Dr Brad,
      I truly appreciate a professional such as yourself leaving a comment for me and my readers,
      I am doing my best in my articles to educate people about the processed foods being a slow
      poison in our bodies.


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