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Arthritis Inflammation Treatment-Inflammation Management Is The Key To Feeling Healthy

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Inflammation is the cause of all our pain and symptoms when we are able to manage our inflammation to keep it low we will be healthier again. Did you know there are around 200 rheumatic diseases which affects the joints, joint inflammation impairs doing the simplest everyday tasks. The most common health issue associated with arthritis is heart disease, physical activity has the most positive effect and improves our pain, functioning and even our mental health. I have lived with inflammation controlling my life for as long as I can remember, this is the reason I am so passionate about writing my articles to help you overcome and live a higher quality of life.


Symptom From Inflammation


There are many symptoms which you will experience from inflammation, the longer you live with severe inflammation the more severe your symptoms will become and the more you will experience. As for arthritis symptoms pain and swelling of the joints are what keeps the majority of us from being able to perform many of our everyday tasks. Stiffness from being sedentary too long is another symptom we experience, the restriction from being able to move our joints freely causes even getting up out of a chair painful some days. I experience stiffness and pain even when I am in my vehicle too long without stopping to stretch my legs. My joints just ache most of the time, especially during our winter season here in Pennsylvania.



Physical Activity


Physical activity is something we must force ourselves to be as much as possible, I know myself many days I just do not have the energy to be as active as I should. Inflammation besides giving us pain and swollen joints steals our energy away, 24% of adults with arthritis are not nearly as active as they need to be. Low physical activity promotes other diseases such as:


Cardiovascular Disease



Functional Limitations


Physical & Occupational Therapy


Both these therapies are short-term treatment, physical therapy such as warm water therapy and specific exercises can reduce our pain, swelling and other symptoms. Massage therapy, ice therapy and heat therapy are also used by physical therapists to ease our pain. Occupational therapist can help us learn how to manage our everyday tasks with less pain, also provide us with assistance devices to eliminate or work around obstacles preventing us from being able to do our daily tasks.



Self Managing Treatment Plan


Managing our arthritis ourselves at home daily can keep our pain and symptoms under control, we will never be pain free but our self managing treatment  we can experience much less pain. The little things we do everyday can make such a difference in our lives, using one of the electrical stimulation massage machines is a good investment. Another biggie is managing our stress, learning and using relaxation techniques will make a huge difference in how you feel.


Be As Physical Active As Your Body Allows

Healthy Diet

Weight Management

Regular Check Ups

Joint Protection


Keeping A Journal


Keeping a journal can be one of your most productive management tools, you can use your journal to keep track of your pain and symptoms, I learned many of my triggers by keeping a journal of my day and my symptoms. This is also a great method for maintaining your weight, many times we do not realize how much we really are eating especially on bad days. People have this natural urge to eat when they are not feeling well when we are depressed we eat and when we hurt from physical pain we eat.


Self Help Inspirational Resources


Managing Fatigue


Managing our energy is another biggie for feeling healthier, inflammation robs us of our energy taking more energy to move and bend throughout our day. Taking frequent breaks and pacing yourself throughout your day will make you life much easier, on bad days you might need to take a nap in the late afternoon or just lay down and give your joints a rest.




Managing your diet with foods which are natural and provide anti-inflammatory properties will make a huge difference in your life, I have found going on a gluten-free diet has reduced my pain and symptoms more than anything else. Gluten also causes fatigue, by eliminating gluten you are cutting down on your inflammation plus gaining more energy. Avoid processed foods as much as possible, those additives and preservatives causes flare ups for the majority of people with severe arthritis.


Healthy Balance


Finding your healthy balance of physical activity and rest will improve your pain and symptoms, this for me took years to find the right combination. There is no set time limit on either which works for everyone if you are like me some days are better than others. I have learned to listen to my body after many years trying to make my body  listen to me, eliminating gluten and processed foods will make this much easier for you.




Sleep Management


Sleep management for most people with inflammation problems is one of their major problems, I find sleeping to be my most challenging obstacle even today. Many nights I am up many times having to stretch my muscles with yoga postures, this does give me short-term relief and allows me to get back to sleep until I have to get up again because the stiffness and aching is too much for me to bare any longer. I will not take any prescription pain medications, from long-term pain medications I have experienced permanent organ damage. These medications can damage your kidneys and liver long-term usage, I highly recommend if you can do without them it is the best for you. avoid late day physical activity when possible, best to be most active in the middle of your day.


Joint Protection


Protecting your joints from over using them will reduce your level of pain, better to be physically active with gentle stretching such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi. Use your larger stronger joints when opening heavy doors, use several joints to spread weight of an object so not putting excessive stress on your joints. Gripping as loosely as possible and using padded handles reduces hand and finger pain, this is also good for less stress on your wrists as well. Herbs for joint health are not as beneficial for everyone, experimenting until you find the ones which work for you. Fish oil is recommended for arthritis for everyone, reduces inflammation and pain plus provides lubrication for your joints.


What Is On My Mind Today


This article is to give you a better understanding what is going on with your body, many people do not realize all the little things which causes us inflammation. Every time you eat processed food or gluten you are causing inflammation in your body, the more you eat the higher your inflammation levels become. When food is a trigger most people experience their highest level of inflammation late evening or at night, just consider the things I have shared with you in this article and add some of them into your daily routine and see if you feel any healthier. Please consider prescription medications seriously if you can manage without them your risks of organ damage will be much less.

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