Are Pine Nuts Good For You-The Nut Which Really Is Not A Nut

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What About Pine Nuts?


Pine nuts was used by roman soldiers as early as 300 BC, many people who are allergic to nuts are not allergic to pine nuts. Pine nuts are found in 18 species in Asia, Europe and North America. Most pine nuts takes 18 months to mature, but some take as long as 3 years. Where will you find pine nuts in the wild, pine nuts come from pine cones? Pine nuts have a sweet flavor and even though they go by the name of pine nuts they really are a seed, interested in knowing more about pine nuts keep reading this article?


Health Benefits From Pine Nuts


For such little seeds pine nuts provide many health benefits, pine nuts are rich healthy fats which are good for your body. These little guys and gals are full of antioxidants and even suppress your appetite, so consider using pine nuts when you are trying to lose weight. Need an energy boost eat a handful of pine nuts, these are also great for your heart and even helps with your vision? Pine nuts even provide you with healthier skin, who would imagine something so tiny could be so powerful for our bodies?



Pine Nut Mouth Syndrome


There really is something by the name of pine nut syndrome, even though it is not a super serious syndrome and everyone who consumes pine nuts does not experience the symptoms this is a real syndrome. Some people develop a bitter taste from these pine nuts usually lasting 2 days to 2 weeks, like I said everyone does not experience this so do not allow this to keep you from taking advantage of the benefits from pine nuts. This syndrome is easy to overcome, you just fast from eating pine nuts for a while.


How Can You Use Pine Nuts?


Pine nuts have many ways you can use them to receive their health benefits, many people will snack on them raw like you do with other nuts and seeds. Their taste is very sweet and appealing, you can also enjoy these in your deserts such as ice cream. They are a great addition to your salads for extra protein and a great taste, these are used in most of your dishes such as meat, vegetables and even fish. Have you ever tried pine nut oil, this oil is used in salad dressings and cooking, what else can these pine nuts do for you?



The Vitamins In Pine Nuts


You might be amazed the vitamins you will receive from these tiny pine nuts, they should be on the list of super foods? Just for starters you will receive the vitamins A, C and E from eating pine nuts, there are several other beneficial vitamins you will receive from pine nuts so check out what other vitamins pine nuts provides you?




Pantothenic Acid





What About Minerals?


Pine nuts also provide you with lots of minerals which are especially good for your body, instead of purchasing vitamins and minerals you could benefit by adding pine nuts into your diet regularly. Getting our vitamins and minerals naturally from our food is so much better than taking synthetic vitamins and minerals when you can. Some of us have no choice than having to take synthetic vitamins and minerals, everyone’s body does not absorb enough of these just from our food alone?












What Is On My Mind Today?


Pine nuts are so healthy everyone should add them to their diet, these are actually very economical, it only takes one handful to get many of the vitamins and minerals they provide you everyday. You can add these to pretty much every meal, even add them to your smoothies and protein shakes. Great snack to take along on road trips, they take very little room and are filling so hold you while traveling. Trying to lose some of those extra pounds before summer, these little buggers will suppress your appetite and are a natural weight loss product. Gee, you can put these in a sandwich baggie and stick them in your pocket while out waking and exercising, these are even much more convenient than your protein bars?


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