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Anxiety Relief Toys- Coping With Anxiety The Fun Way

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Coping With Anxiety The Fun Way


Being a child who lived with anxiety,  I really have the deepest desire to change anxious children’s lives. Today as an adult, I have learned a busy mind is a calm and happy mind. Even though my website is to help everyone all ages with anxiety, I can not help to have an extremely strong urge to focus often on children with anxiety. I truly feel if my anxiety as a child would have been treated, I would have not experienced such severe debilitating anxiety in my later years in my life.


children anxiety work book


Children With Anxiety


Even though I am 57 years old now, my childhood with anxiety still lives within me. It is important to have a very close bond with your anxious child, knowing your child extremely well will help you know which anxiety toys will calm them and which toys might increase their anxiety. When a child is anxious some activities might cause them to become more anxious, I will give you one example which I experienced as an anxious child myself. My parents were not even aware of my anxiety issues as a child, many of the activities they provided me involved high concentration which only made me more anxious and frustrated. You really must be aware of your child’s anxiety to provide positive activities for them, so all anxiety activities might not be the best for every anxious child.


children with anxiety


Anxiety Relief For Children


Sadly today there is a high amount of anxious children in our society, I do recommend a healthy lifestyle with more natural food products and less processed food products. All the artificial flavoring and coloring in processed foods are not healthy for children, also the preservatives as well are causing us problems with our brain chemistry. Actually everyone should adopt this healthier lifestyle, this type of lifestyle can help to prevent many of our emotional and our physical health problems today.


child relaxation workbook


Anxiety Relief Toys


Finally we are to the part of my article your all here to find out about, anxiety relief toys are very beneficial for anxious children. I chose to share with you the most popular anxiety relief toys for children from Amazon, these are just the ones I liked the most but there are many more available for you to check out on Amazon at your convenience.


smiley stress balls


tangle relax toy


lava lamps


gluten free modeling clay


Time Out Children Pop Up Tent


Other Methods To Help Your Anxious Child


Before I end this article I would like to share some things you might wish to consider trying to help your anxious child, these are nothing you have to purchase. These are things I lacked in my childhood which I feel would have made a huge difference, promoting these things in your child can improve their self esteem and overall emotional health more then you might imagine.




Mistakes Is Not Always A Bad Thing


Praise Them Often


Promote Positive Attitude


Spend Quality Time With Them


What Is On My Mind


Right now what is on my mind is how useful this article will be for those of you who read it , I write these articles in hope to save some children from experiencing the emotional pain I did in my childhood. My mother did her best raising me, my father had some mental problems wish really caused much pain for my mother and me. I have forgiven my father, as a child I hated my father very much. I know now he could not help how he was, people back then just was not aware of mental illness like we are today. Please think before you act in front of your children, every little thing you do or say can cause them many serious emotional problems. I thank all of you who are reading my articles, love to hear your comments on how I am doing and if I am helping any of you with your own anxiety problems.


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  • Matt's Mom says:

    I don’t suffer from anxiety and neither do my kids, but I can see where toys would be a great help. I know that when I get a little stressed, a distraction is the best remedy for this. If the toy provides a good enough distraction, than it is doing it’s job and that seems it would be a very healthy choice for dealing with this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matts Mom

      These toys also are great for stress, plus the anxiety tents are great to give mom a break from the kids and know they are safe in their own little environment.


  • Medu says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Great post, very informative! Pardon me for how obvious this question might seem, but are those toys specific to anxiety? What is so unique about those toys to help with anxiety, as opposed to other toys.

    I am in my twenties, and I have a few quadcopter drones which I fly every now and then. It does give me relief every time, even though I do not suffer from any anxiety problems. So shouldn’t any toy that offers relief count as an anxiety relief toy?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Thank You Medu

      Very nice to hear from you today, these are considered anxiety toys for children with anxiety. Some toys will make a child more anxious, if your anxious and you try to do a toy which takes a lot of concentration it will make your anxiety worse many times. Any toy which promotes relaxation and keeps your mind busy could be used for relief from anxiety, if you was upset about something would you enjoy your drone as much as when your relaxed and in positive mood?


  • Sangeeta says:

    Hi there, a nice idea of article on anxiety relief toys. I never thought about this before but it seems to be a nice trick to deal with kids with anxiety issue.
    I do not have the anxiety problem but whenever I am a bit depress or stress then I am doing the things which I love to do to overcome the situation.
    I feel that even other toys that are not mentioned in the list can also work as anxiety relief toy if it is favorite among children.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sangeeta

      I agree with you about there being many more toys available for children for anxiety relief, even if your anxiety is low you do have some anxiety we all do. You have a good coping skills which works for you, that is great and keep doing what your doing since it seems to be working for you.


  • Girl says:

    I really appreciate your post because you touch on how parents can help to improve their child’s emotional health. The importance of good parenting was only revealed to me when I started therapy last year.

    I have huge resentment toward my mother. I’m still in the process of accepting my parents for who they are and what they did. I always wished for “better” parents, whom I can call my heroes and role models, etc…

    I’ve harboured a lot of guilt through the decades feeling the way I do toward my mother. It was a huge relief when my therapist told me there was nothing wrong with what I felt, and it was also devastating to learn I had been starved as a child – of Attention, Affection, Approval and Acceptance. (I wrote a post about this on my blog.)

    Back to your post, I was wondering how the play tent tunnel will aid anxiety. Won’t the child get more anxious if they were to feel claustrophobic inside?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Girl

      Many of the anxiety toys you choose has to depend on your child’s anxiety issues, a child who has not fear of Claustrophobic might feel relaxed and safe in the tent tunnel where a child who is Claustrophobic this would be a very bad anxiety relief toy for them.


  • Thegolfmole says:

    Hi Celiacman Wow what a nice website, I’m a Father of three and you realy open my eyes to the problems I dealing with my kids daily. I specially like the workbook it will give me the opportunity to interact with my kids. Simple but effective ways to help my family. Tanks a lot I’m looking forward to new beginnings.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir

      I am happy you found my article useful and the resources interesting as well, wish you much luck dealing with your children in the near future


  • shrey says:

    I think it is enough difficult for us as adults to deal with this and thinking about children really makes me feel sad, I hope that it actually have a solution and this post clearly lists out every possible way in which it can be curbed!
    I really found this post informative and keep posting!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shey

      I also found anxiety relief toys for children to be very interesting, the best method to help children is to find a fun way.


  • Rohill says:

    Your site was very interesting to read, well structured! Keep up the good work!
    I really loved the images that went along to the site, it helped me as the reader to be more engaged.
    I suggest an about me page this will help the users on your site to understand who you are and what your about, it will help people gain trust from you opening up on your site and you will have a good relationship with your fellow users. But overall i really enjoyed everything i have read and i guarantee i will be coming back, Cheers

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rohill

      I do have an about page on my website, you must have just missed the page in my menu. I do hope my articles are helping others, since that my whole purpose of my website.


  • Shawn says:

    Very interesting!
    I too grew up with Anxiety and never even had it diagnosed until I was in my thirties. I too am 57 years old.
    I really find this article interesting as I can relate back to my childhood and remembering what i used to help deal with my anxiety.
    I will be checking out your site for more information so please keep posting!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Shawn

      Happy we have such a connection with one another, sounds like your doing very well now. Happy your going to check in from time to time, I plan to keep posting to help others.


  • WMP says:

    Great article there are many children who suffer from anxiety in the world today. Whether it’s anxiety about doing well in school, doing well in sports, or being excepted among their peers. Anxiety can have a negative effect on their upbringing. I’ve never heard of Anxiety Relief Toys before but I can understand how this would help.

    • admin says:

      Thank You WMP

      Anxiety relief toys is new to me as well, never had them when I was growing up that is for sure.


  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for this excellent article and for sharing it with us all. Anxiety is not easy for anyone to deal with let alone children and parents of children. Natural methods, in my humble opinion such as playing with toys that can help with the condition and of course, encouraging children to meditate can only be highly beneficial for them.

    Perhaps, as adults and parents, we could encourage our children to meditate by doing family meditation sessions.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Derek

      Great idea about meditating, I think that would be a great family time activity for families to include in their family time together.

      Great Idea


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