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Anxiety And Christmas-Holiday Triggers And Ways To Cope


Anxiety During The Holidays


Everyone experiences some level of anxiety during the holidays, the most two common ways people experience anxiety this time of the year is with excitement as many children experience and in disappointment or stress as many adults experience. With excitement anxiety gives us a surge of energy and anticipation, this is especially experienced by children the closer it gets to Christmas day. With disappointment and stress we will experience pressure to get everything done before the holidays, often we have many more things to accomplish with little time left to get them done. Many adults experience depression during the holidays, even more experience depression after the holidays.


 Holiday Anxiety Triggers


Identifying your triggers and managing them is the key to coping well with your anxiety during the holidays, there are many triggers and not all are the same for everyone. The Majority of people do experience many of the same triggers, often people will experience a combination of triggers which last long enough to cause us to become anxious and overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at the most common triggers for most people preparing for the holidays, most of you will be able to relate to these triggers and how they affect you as well.


Xmas Shopping For Hard To Buy For People

Career Deadlines

Traveling For The Holidays

Financial Stress


Donating To Charities

Volunteering In The Community

Lost Of Love Ones

Divorce / Break Ups

Alcohol ( Over Consumption )

Smoking ( Over Smoking )


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Holiday Anxiety Symptoms


Many people do not realize they are experiencing holiday anxiety, many times when we become overwhelmed with our lives we are not aware of the signs. As with triggers there are many symptoms of anxiety, everyone does not react the same to their high levels of anxiety. Knowing ourselves well enough to know what is going on inside of us is a very important part of managing our anxiety during the holidays. Our symptoms can be as mild as headaches and feeling a little overwhelmed, our symptoms can become severe for many people and even cause them to feel physically not well.


 Nervous Tension


Lack Of Concentration

Panic Attacks


Decision Making Anxiety


Stomach Problems

Lack Of Motivation


Physically & Emotionally Not Well


Anxiety & Depression


Holiday stress causes many people to become overwhelmed during the holiday preparation period, the people who know how to manage their symptoms with good management skills and relaxation skills will get through the holidays. For the people who lack these skills many experience post holiday depression, people most vulnerable are lonely during the holidays. these people often are people who are elderly, divorced and people who are lonely for the loss of loved ones.


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Holiday Management Plan


One way to manage your symptoms is with a holiday management plan, this plan will prevent you from being overwhelmed and keep your symptoms less severe. This plan does not need to be complicated just plan out in steps how you will get the things accomplished for the holidays, do not under-estimate the power of this management plan.


To Do Lists

Christmas List

Christmas Budget


Holiday Travel Plans


Decorating Plan


Decorating and home chores can be stressful for many people, decorate one room at a time if you plan on decorating more than one room in your home. Consider your outdoor decorating as one room, decorating one room at a time will be a low-stress decorating plan for you. This is very important especially for people who have a full-time career, clean one room at a time to keep your home clean for the holidays. Cleaning more frequently less amount of time will ease your anxiety, this is one of the most stressful home chores for many people today. Keeping a home clean for the holidays with children can be very stressful and overwhelming, this is a very common holiday trigger for many people.


Time Management

Managing your time is your best friend preparing for the holidays, develop a healthy balance of holiday preparation and relaxation. Many times the more we push to get more things done the farther we get behind, learning to let things go until tomorrow is important to stay healthy during the holidays. Taking frequent breaks should be a part of your management plan, make time for any holiday festivals you wish to attend. Maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends, family conflict will ruin the holiday for everyone.


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More Holiday Tips


Everyone has at least one person in their lives who is a trigger, plan to avoid spending time around this person when you are feeling an increase in your symptoms. This person will only increase your symptoms, avoiding conflict as much as possible this time of the year will be one of your best coping skills. Fit in yoga and meditation as often as possible this time of the year, this will burn off some of your anxiety and help you to remain more calm and clear-headed to make healthy decisions. Other activities useful are deep breathing exercises, sipping on herbal calming teas.


What Is On My Mind Today


The holidays cause many people to experience high anxiety symptoms and become overwhelmed, managing your symptoms with the tips in this article will provide you with a much nicer holiday. Many of us do not enjoy the holidays like we should, our society is always in a fast pace to get everything done right now. By slowing ourselves down we will manage the stress during the holidays much better, if you experience anxiety and depression during the holidays you really need to slow yourself down.


Relaxation Techniques

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