Anti Inflammatory Foods Arthritis-Best Treatment Is Your Diet And Herbs

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People with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases are experiencing their best treatment plan is not anti-inflammatory drugs but food and herbs, the processed gluten foods are the majority of people’s trigger foods to their inflammation problems. I have experienced a dramatic difference in my own inflammation levels since going gluten-free. Just take two weeks consuming a gluten-free diet and see if this does not make a positive difference in your swelling and joint pain, it is quite a life changing experience but well worth making the change to experience a better quality of life.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Eliminate Gluten

Decrease Processed Foods

High In Fruits & Vegetables

Fish ( Fish Oil )




Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Teas


Healthy Snacks








The Benefits


The benefit of less inflammation to people with chronic inflammation is like a gift from God, people experiencing chronic inflammation lives a very miserable life during flare ups. Chronic health conditions and diseases have grown dramatically over the years, much of this is the results from our unhealthy food and lifestyles. Our bodies are reacting to what it sees as threats from the food and products we are using, we are exposed to chemicals every single day and it keeps growing as time goes on. Technology can be a great asset in our lives, but at the same time it can also cause us many health problems.


Less Joint Pain

Less Swelling

More Flexible & Mobile

Chronic Health Protection

Lower Blood Pressure

Controls Inflammation

Joint Health

Heart Health

Weight Loss

Weight Management


The Benefits Goes On And On


The Foods


The anti-inflammation diet basically is taking you back to the diets people lived on before processed foods, by eliminating gluten you are reducing inflammation. For most people suffering with chronic inflammation any relief would be a blessing in their lives. For anyone who is concerned about consuming fish as I am, add the fish oil supplement to your diet. I will share with you in more detail about these foods so just keep reading this article to learn more about this diet.


Healthy Snacks









Fish if you feel safe consuming provides reduction in your inflammation and pain,  which will also decrease the amount of swelling of your joints. It is recommended 3-4 ounces of fish twice a week,  more is better when it comes to how much fish you consume. I am not sure how safe our fish is today with all our pollution in our waters, so I use the fish oil supplements which I must admit has made a difference for me. Besides less inflammation and pain,  I always had a dryness problem with my eyes,  nose and throat which has improved taking fish oil everyday. It is recommended 600-1000  of fish oil per day, take it with your meals is the best method.


Nuts & Seeds


Nuts & seeds provide your body with protein, fiber & monounsaturated fats. 1.5 ounces per day is all you need which is about one handful. More is not better in this case, these are high in calories and could cause you some weight problems. The best nuts to consume regularly for the best results are Walnuts, Pine nuts & Almonds. These make a good snack choice between meals if you become a little hungry or low on energy, so add these to your healthy snacks from now on.


Fruits & Veggies


Most of us are not so crazy about all the veggies available today, but these are your best weapon against inflammation and pain. You should aim for 9 or more servings per day which is about one cup per serving, 2 cups of the leafy greens is one serving. If you are like me you prefer the fruits more than the veggies, but you can gain weight consuming too much fruit.














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Olive Oil


Olive oil is the best oil for you to use for your anti-inflammation, other oils are avocado oil and safflower oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the best choice, but any of these oils are good for you. Avoid the vegetable oils and peanut oils, most people with inflammatory problems this oil increases their inflammation.




Excellent low cost protein sources, aim for at least one cup twice per week. Beans are high in protein and fiber, which makes them very good for your weight management plan.




Gluten causes high inflammation in the majority of people with inflammation problems, going gluten-free would be the best  change in your diet you can make. Brown rice and quinoa is the most nutritious gluten-free grains, you only need 6 ounces per day which is about one-half cup.


Power Herbs


Using food and herbs for your anti-inflammation diet plan is not only a completely natural method, but also the safest with less risks than synthetic drugs. Sometimes we have no choice than use these drugs, but why not try natural lower risk options before taking risks with these dangerous drugs.


Aloe Vera


Cat’s Claw



Green Tea

Thunder God Vine


Willow Bark


What Is On My Mind


This should give you a very good idea on how to improve your quality of life through your diet and herbs, if more people would go the natural approach before synthetic drugs they would be much healthier. Wish I had known about this before taking these dangerous drugs, today I have organ damage from long-term use of synthetic drugs for inflammation.

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