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Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List-Knowing What Foods To Eat Is The Key

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Anti Inflammatory Diet


Everyone experiences inflammation from their diets, eliminating or limiting the foods which causes inflammation and eating more of the anti inflammatory foods is one of your best diet changes you can make. Processed and gluten foods are the foods most high in causing us inflammation since these foods have become so available inflammation health issues has increased dramatically. Since I have eliminated gluten from my diet,  my chronic pain and other symptoms from inflammation is much lower when you are consuming processed gluten foods you are causing very high levels of inflammation in your bodies. Even people with mild symptoms is experiencing inflammation at work, for the majority of people the longer you consume this type of diet the more severe your symptoms become. Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases are caused by long-term inflammation, it was once thought it was age which caused inflammation but that is not true even young people today experience inflammation disease.


Benefits Of This Diet


There are many benefits to focusing on an anti inflammatory diet, the main benefit is total health improvement. More energy is one of the things I noticed the most, inflammation is the cause of the majority of people with low energy levels. Having difficulty managing your weight, this diet will solve your weight management problems. I suffered for years with digestive system problems, chronic constipation is a common problem today with the majority of people all because of our diets. This diet has solved my digestive problems, rarely constipated now and no more tummy pain and cramps. I have experienced a major difference in my pain and swelling of my joints, amazingly even my lifetime asthma symptoms has disappeared since changing my diet.



Manage & Prevent Disease


This diet has proven to manage and even to be a preventative treatment for many of our most common diseases people are experiencing today, the majority of our diseases are caused by our high inflammation diets. I often wonder why the drug and food administration passed processed and gluten foods in the first place, even more is why are these foods still on the market when they are a major cause of our societies health problems?  Many of our immune system diseases are caused by high inflammation diets, it seems every new generation’s immune systems are becoming more and more sensitive to these inflammation products.


Are You Suffering From Any Of These


The majority of the diseases can be improved by going on an anti inflammatory diet, inflammation now is known to be the cause of many of our major health conditions today. Instead of using prescription medications which only slows down the damage why not change our diets for a much better solution without all the dangerous side-effects? Why settle for slowing down the damaging process of inflammation when we can solve the problem simply by changing our diets, we know inflammation is the cause and the foods which cause inflammation so why keep putting these foods into our bodies day after day?  Even if you cannot eliminate all processed and gluten foods from your diet, at least cut down your consumption by going gluten-free. Just by eliminating gluten from your diet you will experience a dramatic change when I went gluten-free I noticed a difference right away.


Heart Disease

Parkinson’s Disease




Sciatica Nerve




The Food List

It is  impossible to list all the anti inflammatory foods in this article, I decided to list the most common foods which the majority of you more likely eat already just maybe not as often as you should to decrease your inflammation. The majority of people including myself never realized the food I was putting into my body was the cause of my declined health, I always thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. Many of the foods which are processed which was thought to be healthy actually are unhealthy for us, it is not the food itself which causes us the inflammation it is how they are processed and the chemicals which are used for coloring and flavoring. Preservatives are also a question just  how healthy are these for our health,


The Nut Family


Adding a variety of nuts in your diet is one of the best changes you can make since very small portions is your goal I suggest you use nuts for a healthy snack between meals. Almonds and cashews are your best choices for the most nutrients, walnuts comes in next and highly recommended for rheumatoid arthritis .Peanuts really are not in the nut family, peanuts are actually in the bean family.


Fruit Family


There are better fruits to choose for anti inflammation, some fruits are extremely high in sugar and this can backfire with your weight management. I was gaining a ton of weight on my diet mainly vegetables and fruit with white meat a few times per week. My nutritionist figured out I was eating way too many fruits, plus many of them was high in sugar content.


Apricots ( Raw, Salads, Smoothies )

Avocado’s ( Super Food, Weight Loss, Fat Loss )

Berries ( Blueberries, Smoothies, Salads, Cancer Preventative )

Grape Fruit ( Low Sugar, Weight Loss, Juice, Smoothies, Raw )

Kiwi ( Salads, Smoothies, Raw )

Pineapple ( High Sugar, Small Portions, Salads, Smoothies )



Vegetable Family

 As for veggies variety is your best plan when I go shopping I usually purchase small amounts but a wide variety as I possibly can. This is really easy today with many shops selling them separate rather than in bags, I do recommend you go easy on the starchy veggies especially if your are diabetic or watching your weight. Veggies are your main inflammatory diet food, these will give you the high anti inflammatory diet your looking for. If you have some veggies which you really love to eat, these also would make you a very healthy snack.


Asparagus ( Super Food, Fresh, Baked, )

Bell Peppers ( Super Food, Raw, Salads, Weight Loss)

Carrots ( Baby Carrots, Vitamin A, Smoothies, Juice )

Celery ( Blend With Other Veggies For Smoothie, Raw )

Cucumbers ( Smoothie, Raw, Salads )

Sweet Potato’s ( Baked, Roasted )

Tomato’s ( Cardiovascular, Raw, Cooked, Soup )


Cabbage Family


Cabbage is not my favorite food group and I am guilty of not consuming them as often as I should, for the ones who like this food group you are receiving many benefits. My favorite method to consume this food group is in my stir fry which I do not have often, stir fry is not a healthy method to use often so that is the main reason I do not consume this food group as often as I should.


Cabbage ( Red Cabbage Best )

Brussel Sprouts  ( Digestive System, High Fiber )

Broccoli ( Super Food, Protein, Vitamin C, Cancer Preventative )

Cauliflower ( Vitamin K, Vitamin C )



Herbs & Spices

I have included some other anti inflammatory foods for you to consider, herbs and spices are very easy to use and provide awesome anti inflammatory benefits. Takes very little added to any of your meals, very economical method to add extra anti inflammatory boost into your diet. If you happen to be a gardener adding an herb garden could be something to consider, every year I plan to do this but just have not done it yet. I do the next best thing, I grow herbs in my kitchen to use to add to my meals, herbs are so easy to grow so maybe this is something you might like to do?








Fish Family


There are very few people who consume enough fish in their diet, many of us are concerned about the mercury in the fish supply. Salmon still is the number one healthiest fish to consume, mackerel and tuna also are very good for you. For people who are skeptical about how safe it is to eat fresh fish today, it is recommended for people to substitute with a good natural brand of fish oil.



Anti Inflammation Plan


This article should give you a good start to changing your diet, you will be amazed with the improvement in your health with more of these foods in your diet. Another thing you should add to make this diet even more powerful is a good exercise plan. I recommend yoga, tai chia or qi gong, these are inflammation  friendly. Choose a gentle stretching yoga if you go with yoga, taking classes are best but good beginner DVD’s work very well for at home. I suggest you begin with very short 5 minute stretching to begin, then increase about 5 minutes each week until you  reach 30-60 minutes per workout. I prefer shorter daily workouts myself if you go more than 30 minutes I suggest you keep your workouts to 3 days per week. People with inflammation problems requires more rest time in between longer workouts to recover, I hope this gives you a good start with your anti inflammation lifestyle plan.


What Is On My Mind Today


This is a very good anti inflammation plan I have shared with you today, this is the plan I used to turn my health around. You will not be inflammation free on this plan, but you will experience much less pain and stiffness. Even my bad days now are good compared to before I started this plan, gluten is one of the highest inflammation triggers for most people. Focus on going gluten-free and limiting your processed foods, this will make a hug difference in your quality of life.



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