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Anger Management And Children-Understanding Your Child

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Understanding Your Child


Many parents today are frustrated with how to deal with their angry child, the first thing parents must do is to learn to understand why your child is angry. When I was a child I would become angry out of the blue, I just would get all hot inside and explode. Actually I did not get angry, I became just so frustrated with anxiety I would just explode. I truly believe many of the children today with bad behavior is from anxiety, so it is important to understand if your child actually has an anger problem or is suffering from anxiety explosion. I do not feel the majority of children have bad tempers, I really believe they are just releasing their anxiety.


anxiety and children


Does This Sound Like Your Child


Many times parents do not recognize their child is experiencing anxiety, my parents and even my doctors did not realize my behavior was the result from my high childhood anxiety. Punishment does not work with an anxious child, the child does not plan their outbursts . Their outbursts are the release of their emotional energy when it becomes too high to contain any longer, here are some of the symptoms your anxious child might exhibit.



Poor School Grades

Disrespectful At Times

Angry Outbursts Out Of The Blue

Explosive Behavior

Verbally Abusive

Throws Toys Out Of Frustration

Sleep Problems

Punishing Does Not Work

Poor Concentration

Heavy Breathing

Pounding Heart

Warm or Hot  Inside

Impatient At Times


anxiety child parent guide


Relaxation Techniques For Children


Just like anyone else, relaxation techniques is the most efficient method to help your child. Teaching a child relaxation techniques is not the same as teaching adults, children need a way which they can relate to which is fun. Fear not, I have the best place for you to teach your child the relaxation techniques which will make both of your lives so much easier.


stress free children


Anxiety Supplement For Children


You might desire to add an anxiety supplement to your child’s diet, many anxiety problems are due to a lack of nutrients. I only wish I had started taking an anxiety supplement when I was a child, sadly they were not even available as far as most people knew. Since adding my supplement my relaxation techniques works so much more efficiently for me, I have a much better feeling of calmness and much more patience today. Just happens my supplement has been successful for many children with their anxiety, so you can check my supplement out and if you like give it a try.  Its very safe for your child, its all natural loaded with vitamins and anxiety herbs.


brain nutritional supplement


What Is On My Mind


I am extremely happy with this article today, I was so excited to find these children’ relaxation techniques to share with you. These techniques are made fun for your child to learn, actually your child will not even know they are learning. These resources are brought into your child’s life through fun characters, these characters are teaching your child how to do these relaxation techniques. Your child will start doing them with the characters in these resources, this makes teaching them these techniques so easy for you. There is even adult resources available, lesson plans and I hope you will check them out for you and your child.



  • Uzodinma says:

    I find your post on Aromatherapy And Anxiety-Using Essential Oils For Your Anxiety very interesting and informative as well.. I didn’t know these oils can be useful for anxiety management. And since their natural it means they will be far better than pills. Do you know if it will be good to combine this with pills or you can solely rely on the oils alone.?
    Is it only by diffusion that you can use them ?
    Thanks for the valuable information.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I take a herbal supplement daily for anxiety, plus I prefer the herbal scented candles but whatever method you use all depends on you. When you use a diffuser then you have to also buy the oils , this can be quite expensive for someone on a budget.


  • Shireen says:

    Good post. I never knew kids suffered with anxiety at such a young age. My daugther would just have some out burst moments but I was thinking it’s just tantrums. How can you distinguish between anxiety and normal tantrums?

    I like that you list some symptoms of anxiety as I wasn’t aware of it. I will surely observe if my kid will display any of them. One question though, can you implement the relaxation techniques with kids who doesn’t really suffer from anxiety?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shireen

      Happy to hear from you today, implementing relaxation techniques in children is always a good thing. Even if your child is not an anxious child right now, good odds they will experience anxiety one day and really need to know how to deal with it.

      Anxiety outbursts often come for no real reason, they usually come out of the blue out of frustration or emotion build up inside of them.

      Tantrums are always when a child does not get their own way, children use this to get their own way. Anxious children do not have a purpose with their outbursts, they are just exploding because their anxiety is out of control.


  • EllieCommunicates says:

    Your post about Anger Management and Children can be so helpful to me and my family. We have a 3year old that expresses a lot of the symptoms, but not all, of anxiety.
    I would research the topic further, but would bookmark your site so that to be able to come back and read about those relaxation techniques for children.
    Thank you.
    All the best

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ellie

      Children as young as your child may only beginning to have anxiety symptoms, like adults children will not have all anxiety symptoms but if your child has enough of them you should observe the child closely and using the children relaxation techniques will not harm the child and benefit the child when older


  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Now this is a very interesting article and thanks for sharing it. It Thailand where I have been living now for the past 5 years they teach children from about the age of 4 or 5 years old how to meditate. Might go a long way. in explaining why Thai children are so calm

    • admin says:

      Thank You Derek

      How is it living in Thailand, I would like to relocated one day to one of the Asian countries myself. I do feel medication should be part of our school studies here in the USA, we have one of the highest stressed societies in the world.


  • Martin says:

    lol I love that picture of the grouchy looking kid…

    Anyway… fantastic article! Extremely relatable but most of all very helpful. I find it interesting how important it is to draw a distinction between the anger issues and anxiety. That’s a great point and something to really watch for since the differences are tremendous. I like how you point out the symptoms and offer a specific solution. Great article! Keep up the good work

    • admin says:

      Thank You Martin

      Many people become labeled as an angry person, when actually its their way of releasing their high anxiety levels. Anger management is a good thing to add to anyone’s life, but when your anger is anxiety you also need to focus on your anxiety issues.


  • shrey says:

    I think I really need to understand this because even though I’m not a parent I was a kid dealing with anger issues and trust me people always talked about it like it was my fault that made me feel more guilty and sad to be honest, nothing worked no matter what happened I was always to blame and that made me even more worse and unhappy!
    I like to thank you to actually bring out such topics so that we all can learn !

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shrey

      I am very sorry to hear you were not understood as a little girl what was going on inside of you, that is the reason so many of us experienced more severe anxiety in our adult life. I hope this will help you to be more understanding when you have children, my goal is to try to catch anxiety issues early so they do not ruin so many people’s lives.


  • Richard says:

    Great post on Child Anger. It’s not something we as parents take seriously. I had three tiny tots and they used to fight with each other but I can’t remember the manager bit. There was lots of it when they were teenagers. You most probably right that children who are angry are anxious about something. Parents need to be more aware of their children’s behaviour and get professional help if they feel they can’t handle it themselves.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Richard,

      Today there is so many resources available in books, DVD’s and other forms for parents to research and learn about anxiety. Parents should be prepared before their child is born, anxiety in children can be triggered at a very early age.


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