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Amazing Yoga-Amazing Health Benefits For A More Positive Life

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Amazing Health Begins With Amazing Yoga


Yoga and meditation is very easy and convenient to add to the busiest lifestyle, you can break both of these up into small sessions all throughout your busy day. I often take a 10 minute break or so just to do a few yoga poses and some meditation, I find this gives me a mental energy boost and physically I feel re-energized. Yoga poses are all about stretching and more awareness of our mind and bodies, this is not something new it has been effective for hundreds of years in the Asian cultures. These have been found to be awesome for managing  your stress, anxiety and even depression. They boost your immune system which today our immune systems are not as healthy as in the past, improve your respiratory functioning and even your digestion.


 Need More Convincing


Yoga and meditation does not stop there when it comes to how they benefit our lives, learning to breathe properly though the belly and not the chest naturally gives us stress and anxiety relief. There is such a large variety of techniques and poses in these you are not forced to do the same boring workout day after day, there is a never ending supply of resources for you to take advantage of. I recommend DVD’s for the best results doing these at home, doing these regularly will give you a feeling of calmness and inner peace. Children have experienced much improvement in health problems once developing these skills regularly, chronic bronchitis and asthma are just two childhood health problems these have improved. People of all ages have experienced improvement in memory and learning abilities, many elderly people have experienced much improved balance and cognitive functioning after only a short period of daily yoga and meditation.


How To Get Started


I recommend getting yourself some good beginner DVD’s and add both of these into your daily routine, I find doing them first thing in the morning gives me a great start each day. Morning yoga and meditation prepares your body and your mind for your new day, I find even 30 minutes per day to be such a dramatic change in my life,  often I will even break this up throughout my day. There are resources available for a wide variety of workout lengths, there is no set time amount necessary to experience the benefits from either of these. Very low cost to start these into your daily routine, so many yoga poses and many of them you need nothing but a little space and being committed to give them a little time each day. Many gyms and YMCA’s provide classes for both of these if taking classes motivates you more than doing them at home, many people feel more comfortable starting out doing these in the privacy of their own home. I recommend this if you are experiencing social anxiety, for many people with social anxiety this just is not something they are able to do.


Why do Yoga & Meditation?


The simple reason for everyone to do yoga and meditation is simply these are very good for you, imagine the possibility of the money you might save on all your over-the-counter medications just by doing these every day? This is very possible, I am living proof these can provide amazing health results through time. I was out of options with improving my own health  just a few years ago, I did not know anything about these techniques and I was not a believer in such things being possible. My physicians had no idea how to help me, I had several specialists all prescribing prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for me. After less than 6 months my health began to improve after starting yoga and meditation 3 times per week, at that time I was unable to walk any distance without an aide. My balance was very unstable, I had to take laxatives pretty much every day. I was spending over 50.00 per month just on over the counter vitamins and supplements plus nutritional products to keep from losing too much weight.


More About My Experience


when I started yoga and meditation it was out of desperation, I had no other options left I was on my own to find my own recovery plan. At the beginning I was only able to do about 5 of the gentle yoga poses at one time, then I had to spend an hour or so in bed resting from my morning yoga. At this time the meditation was more beneficial for me to stay motivated and not give up on the yoga, after about one month I could do the gentle poses with less physical exhaustion. This did inspire me I might just be on to something, it was a very slow process of recovery but it was the only thing I had which had given me any improvement . Learning these has been the best decision in my entire life, even if you are in great health adding these to your life will only improve your life they will not give you any negative results. Today I am taking only 3 prescriptions and only a handful of over-the-counter products. Even though my health is not prefect, I am overwhelmed with the results from yoga and meditation.

Meditation Music


What Is On My Mind Today


Since my recovery I am keeping a vow I had made to myself years ago that vow was to design a website to help others improve their health and overcome the obstacles in their lives. I have experienced physical and emotional problems since I was born, my parents did not think I would survive to be the age I am today. I did survive and my heart tells me the reason is to help others through this website, I worked very hard for a very long time to get where I am today.  I truly feel the reason I am here is to help you, feel free to leave me any comments or contact me though my website email privately. This website is your path to improving your health and your life, visit me often and read my articles that is all I have to say today.

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