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After College-Next Chapter In Your Life

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Are You Prepared?


The majority of college students are not prepared for after college, many are still enjoying the college life. After college the reality will kick in for many of these students, no more student loan money. Most parents will shut off the money supply once you finish college, should have started planning for this at least one year before graduation. Ready or not the next chapter of your life begins, time to start thinking about your new life plan for the future.


College Student Stress


New Life Plan


Between cramming to study for finals and partying you have given very little thought about the future, now anxiety hits you and very hard. What are your career plans, should you continue your education and attend grad school? Maybe just look for a job, where to live? With the parents after being on your own for four years will be a drag, without a job you can’t afford an apartment. School loan payment will begin, but you really wanted a new vehicle. What will you do, how will you begin the next chapter of your life?


Anxious Student


Anxiety Sets In


You are living back home with mom and dad again, everything is much the same as when you left for college. Your career dreams are not happening, companies are not knocking your door down begging you to come work for them. Been isolating quite a bit lately in your bedroom most of the time, sneak out every once in a while for a quick snack. Not even taking care of your health now, confused what to do next. Avoiding contact with family and friends as much as possible, facing them is more than you can handle these days.


Anxiety Symptoms


Post College Depression


Post college depression is very high among college graduates, especially the ones who have not found their dream job. Many turns to substance abuse, which often turns into an addiction problem. Confusion sets in then extreme fear and panic. After spending four years in college with a large network of friends, many college students are lonely. Worse thing which has turned their life upside down, all their hard work in college ends with them being jobless. How does someone in this situation get back on their feet, lets find out how they can do this?


Post College Depression


Getting Back On Your Feet


First thing you must do is start using your relaxation and coping skills, start meditating again. Join a yoga class, this will get you out of the house around people again. Focus on preparing for job interviews, possibly improve your resume and submit it to some companies again. Consider your options for your career desires, could you take some night classes to improve your weakest skills? Get your butt out and socialize again, meet new people contact old college friends. Just because your jobless does not mean you are a failure.

Yoga & Meditation


Anxiety & Depression


Anxiety and depression can hit anyone at anytime, usually long-term stress conditions is the first trigger. This causes your anxiety symptoms to flare up, without good relaxation and coping skills many times it leads to severe depression. Post college depression is higher than it has been in years, many college graduates cannot find employment despite their education. People need a purpose in their life if you are an adult without a purpose in your life you are much more likely to experience severe depression. Even if you are unable to find employment, stay active as a volunteer. Hospitals are always in need for volunteers, this will give you a purpose in your life and get you out among people. Learn and use relaxation techniques and coping skills, I recommend meditation and yoga for you to try first.


Mental Health Volunteer


Meditation Shop


Today I am going to share with you my favorite meditation shop, please check out this shop for any meditation related products you might be interested in purchasing. This shop has just about everything for anyone interested in meditation, your health depends on your learning and adding meditation to your stressful life.


What Is On My Mind


This week is my college student series, soon many students will be off to college and graduating. As life goes into each new chapter knowing how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression becomes even more important to know. Many adults today which can not cope well with these, are not living a good life, I do not want the same for you. More people are facing debilitating emotional health issues now then ever before, please take the time to learn these skills. They are not difficult, but they may save your life one day.


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  • Mano says:

    It is true. mostly nowadays students are enjoying their college life and after their are struggling to take decision regarding their future. Part of them are moved to right direction with family support but most of them life are struggling to overcome the future.
    This website is great and very informative .


    • admin says:

      Thank You Manokaran

      Thank you for reading my article and commenting, life is not easy for people at any age. Learning relaxation skills are very important, I think many college students tend to have fun to burn off anxiety they are having being away from home and with their studies.


  • Koda says:

    I would strongly agree with the opinion that most college students aren’t ready for life in the real world straight out of studies. Two totally different worlds!!!

    I went to college, and Life hit me hard as soon as I got out. A lot of my friends who are still in university think i’m exaggerating the difference in lifestyle/priorities in college vs. out of college, but they’ll see for themselves lol

    I think meditation and formulating a plan are two great things that people can start doing after (or ever during) college. Nice post, I hope to read more of this site in the future! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Koda

      yes , your friends will experience the same stress as you once they finish college and start the next chapter in their life. It is a big adjustment, especially when your use to scheduling your classes to suit you, that does not work in the real world you work when your employer wants you too.


  • Britt says:

    I majored in college partying instead of really trying in college. I ended up getting a degree in a field that really had no job prospects, but I had at least graduated.

    I was done with fast food jobs by this point, so I found a job through a head hunter. The downside was they took my first month’s pay! Talk about stress and anxiety. I made it through with some help and ramen noodles.

    What really helped me was focusing on the outcome, delaying any gratification for later, and sticking to your plan.

    Meditation really helps me visualize my goals. I still struggle, but don’t we all!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Britt

      Most of us has regrets from our past, I did not study seriously in high school . I did have severe anxiety problems, which instead of trying to get help I just got through high school the best I could.


  • Tim says:

    We live in a very stressful time and we often dont take the time to just be I enjoyed taking the time and reading through your website. You offer some good advice for students and highlight some of the real issues they face once they leave school. Do you have a page on meditation I would like to read it if you do.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Tim,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read some of the articles on my website, time is precious in our society today so I am impressed with you taking the time to read my articles.

      You know it is amazing, I did not realize I have not written any one article on meditation. I have mentioned meditation in many articles , this one has the most meditation related information I will have to write a article just on meditation just for you.


      How To Learn To Relax-Relaxation Techniques

  • Gary says:

    I remember when I graduated from college. I was scared to death even though I had a good job lined up.

    That was 35 years ago. Looking back, I don’t think drugs were as common then, although some of the people I graduated with did end up with major addictions.

    It seems there is a huge difference between what young people expect when they finish college and what really happens.

    In my experience, it is a mistake that to think we will find a dream job or anything else, that will make us complete. We are complete already. We just don’t realize it.

    Like you suggest, meditation can be extremely helpful. I’m convinced meditation is one of the most rewarding life skills anyone can learn. And guided meditation is an easy way to start.

    I was married to an addict for ten years and it was ironic that she could not tolerate guided meditation. It is as if she could not stand to look inward, but had to be either numbed or distracted.

    Thanks for the link to meditation shop. I bookmarked it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gary,

      Meditation is the best medicine to come around without a prescription you will ever find, it clears your mind and gives you more mental energy. To think the Asian culture has been using this forever, just lucky it found its way into the western world who needs it very badly.


  • Timea says:

    It is so sad these days that how many young people are depressed and has very bad anxiety…
    It’s great that we started to see this problem around us, and we try to help with natural solutions, -like yoga, meditation and fitness.
    This World needs more good and healthy people to help and guide the next generation.
    Good on you Jeffrey!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Timea,

      Times are very stressful for everyone in the world today, learning stress and relaxation skills are a must to get through our stressful times.


  • Brooke Sanfilippo says:

    This site is fantastic for anyone who has gone through the College experience. More content would be helpful. I understand the top image as it pertains to your subject, but i would also include more upbeat images throughout the page. While informative, this definitely brought my mood down just from them layout and set of images.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Brooke

      I am sorry my article and images brought you down, possibly you have a problem you need to address if your mood can be brought down so quickly. This article was suppose to be negative to impress just how important having good coping skills are for college students, wish you the best.


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