Prednisone Side Effects Women-Are You Experiencing Any Of These Side Effects

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Prednisone is used for inflammatory conditions and diseases, I have been on this drug for over two years with positive results. Now I am being weaned off this drug because it is causing me serious health problems, the only reason I am on this drug in the first place is I trusted my physician’s with the drugs I was taking for chronic inflammation in the past. These drugs did damage to my kidneys, now I must be weaned off of this drug for similar reasons. It seems anything man touches he ruins, even today our food is not healthy for us to consume. We are in a no win battle for sure, we have to eat so we have no choice than to eat the poison in our foods. I am on a very strict all natural food diet, the processed foods are causing severe inflammation in my body. In my opinion, processed foods are the reason behind our unhealthy society today.


Inflammatory Conditions & Diseases


The majority of our health problems today are from inflammation, we are exposed to way too many chemicals everyday. We are paying for the luxury of technology available, the majority of our products has chemicals in them. Using these products everyday from the time we are born until they cause us chronic health problems, many of our health problems blamed on age is a cop out. It just takes our exposure to chemicals that much time to cause our chronic health problems, every generation is becoming less and less healthy.









The list Goes On And On


Healthy Snacks








Why  Women


The reason I chose to focus on the side-effects Prednisone causes women is the majority of the population using this drug daily are women, the main reason for this has been there are more women living with inflammatory health problems than men. My mother has autoimmune diseases, my grandfather had autoimmune disease and I have it as well. My mother is going through hell right now, she is on prednisone and the side-effects have been severe enough she is dependent on my father for many things. She has lost so much weight that she has even has lost muscle mass, but she has no choice without taking this drug she would be in a nursing home needing 24 hour care.


Go Natural


I honestly believe we are better off going with natural medicine before synthetic drugs, herbs are natural and provide us the solution for many of our health problems. So why does the medical field refuse to treat us with herbs before synthetic drugs, we are nothing but experiments for the drug companies? Just turn on your television and you will see how many of these drugs have been found to cause many of our health problems today, everyday there is a new drug found to cause serious health problems for the people who have been using them. You will experience much less side-effects from herbs, plus the side-effects are not nearly as severe as synthetic drugs. The drug administration claims there is not enough information to prove herbs really work, but yet they are giving us drugs which are suppose to be safe yet cause many of us more health problems.


Herbs For Inflammation


Black Pepper







Celery Seed



Devils Claw

Willow Bark



Herbal Tea For Inflammation


Green Tea

Ginger Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Black Tea

Willow Bark Tea

Nettle Leaf


The Side-Effects


Just Google “Prednisone Side Effects “, you will find article after article with extremely long lists of the side-effects from this one drug. I have listed the most common minor side-effects plus some of the major ones for you in this article. First lets look at the what they consider minor side-effects, many people could be experiencing many of these and never connect it to this drug their physician has prescribed them.


Minor Side-Effects


Weight Gain

Weight Loss

*Facial Hair On Women

Increased Appetite

*Abnormal Fat Deposits


Dry Scalp

*Reddish-Purple Lines ( Arms-Face-Legs-Groin-Trunk )

*Swelling ( Stomach Area )

Thinning Of Scalp

*Worsen Diabetes

*Red Face

*Fluid Retention

*High Blood Pressure

*Behavior &  Mood




*Bone Fractures


Cardio Vascular


Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Enlargement

Circulatory Collapse

Congestive Heart Failure

Potassium Deficiency


Healthy Snacks











Stomach Pain




Peptic Ulcer

Small & Large Intestine Problems





Loss Of Muscle Mass

Muscle Weakness



Increased Fracture Risks


Nervous System





Impaired Cognition


Severe Fatigue






Yoga & Meditation
















Psychiatric Symptoms (Severe)


Verbal / Memory Loss


What Is On My Mind Today


I imagine by now you might be surprised just what problems this drug can cause for you, until I had severe health problems caused by this drug I had no idea how many terrible problems this one drug could cause us. I hope you will try the herbs and teas if you are experiencing inflammation problems, these herbs will not harm you and the side-effects are no where near the severity when taking this drug. This is not even all the side-effects you may experience, these are the ones I thought might be the most helpful for you to be aware of.

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